Catapult Design Jordan rose, Madison Taylor, Blake guy

Our challenge:

To design and produce a working catapult within specified guidelines, that is adjustable and propels hollow plastic practice golf balls (weighing about 14.5 grams each) at a scoring target between 15’ and 25’ away. Document the math and science used to complete and improve accuracy. The guidelines we have to follow is that it must fit in a box that is 2 feet wide and 1.5 feet high. The catapult must be made entirely from PVC pipe, with the exception of the launch mechanism and firing mechanism.

Our supplies:

  • PVC Piping (3’2’’)
  • 90 degree connectors (5)
  • T-connectors (5)
  • Rubber band (1’/24’’)
  • Bungee (1’/24’’)
  • 2 small PVC “rods” (2’)
  • 2 larger PVC “rods” (2’)
  • 2 vertical PVC “rods” (1.5’)
  • 1 horizontal PVC “rod” (2’)
  • 1 long PVC “rod” (1.7’)

Out of pocket expenses: T-connectors ($4)

Our data:

On average it goes 24 ft, and reaches 15 ft high.

Our challenge to hit a target. It will matter who can hit it with the measurements of how far you can fly it connected to the math portion (vertex formatted equations), for science we create our own scientific experiment.

Our equation:

(When and where will our projectile hit the target/ground?)

Vertex Form: y=a (x-h)² +k

Ours: y= -9.6 (x-12)² +15

Meaning we should move our target approximately 24 ft away from the catapult and position our catapult's arm to be 4-5 inches off the ground before release to reach the parabola equated.


Our future call to action-

How can we better improve our catapult to reach a higher maximum height and what effect would it have on the path of the projectile?

We further hypothesized that improving our release system or tension (our bungee system) would improve the overall maximum height, it would affect the path by shortening the width of the parabola. Further effecting the distance at which the target would be placed.

-Any Questions for us to answer?-

Thank you for your time and attention during our presentation!


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