Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand Demya

Archduke ferdinand was assassinated on july 28th 1914 while visiting the war wounded at a hospital in Sarajevo. On their way back to the palace they passed the gavrilo princip, a Serbian nationalist. Princip, armed with a pistol , approached the car and shot both archduke and his wife (Sophie). They died within minutes. Austria did not attack Serbia right away, although Hungarians within the government wanted to avoid war and restrained the hawkish Austrians. Instead they issued an ultimatum to Serbia on July 23 1914 demanding that they prosecute any Serbian official connected to the assassinations ,and also they demanded the Serbian government put an end to anti- Austrian propaganda. The Serbians saw the demand for Austrian oversight as a violation of its sovereignty and refused that particular point but agreed to the rest of the demands. Austria did not accept their partial agreement of the ultimatum and declared war on July 28th, 1914. The next day Austria-Hungary attacked Serbia.

Warfare Technology - In world war 1, the new technology that was produced caused a lot of trauma and ruined a lot of lives. This technology also made it even more difficult for one side to defeat the other. There were many inventions created , for example airplanes, these were at first used to only to observe enemy troops. Soon their effectiveness became apparent, both sides shot planes down with artillery from the ground and with rifles, pistols, and machine guns from other planes. Other examples were, browning machine gun, poison gas, railways, tanks, and submarines.

Obituary - Sophie Maria Josephine Albina Chotek Von Chotkow Und Wogin, was assassinated along with her husband on June 28th 1914 at age 46. While on there way to the hospital to see the members of her spouse’s(archduke Franz Ferdinand) party, who had been wounded by a bomb that was thrown at them. Sophie was born on march 1st 1886 in Stuttgart as the fourth daughter of Count Bohuslav Chotek von Chowtok Und Wognin, a bohemian aristocrat, and his wife Countess Wilhelmine Kinsky Von Wchinitz und Tettau. As a young woman she worked as a lady in waiting for Archduchess Isabella in Pressburg when Isabella learned that Archduke Franz Ferdinand was not visiting to see one of her eligible daughters, but rather her lady in waiting, after learning this, she fired Sophie on the spot. Franz ferdinand had been madly in love with Sophie and in 1899, he decided he wished to marry her. Only after Franz Ferdinand swore a morganatic oath, did emperor Franz Joseph consent to their marriage on July 1st 1900. After the wedding Sophie had the title Princess of hohenberg, a title to Austrian nobility, but also a very minor one. She was married to Archduke for about 14 years until her death, they had 3 kids together, Princess sophie of Hohenberg, Prince Ernst of Hohenburg, and maximilian duke of Hohenburg.

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