Of Mice and Men Character Log

George Is an average sized guy, he travels from ranch to ranch looking for a job, he tries to stay away from trouble but has to take care of a not so bright guy that is always finding trouble, so what he gets in trouble for so does george. But he wants to buy his own land where he doesn't have to work for anyone but himself, and he works however whenever. He plans on taking Lennie with him, and later on Candy and Crooks.
Lennie, Lennie is a mentally slow guy, however he is very big and very strong. He has dreams of owning land and living on "the fatt'a the lawn" and tending the rabbits they plan to buy, he likes touching things he likes, like soft things, or colorful things.
Candy is an old man, his job on the ranch is a "swamper" he has a very old dog, but he gets hot after everyone agrees they want him dead, so he is sad about everything and wants to get off the ranch and live with George and Lennie on their ranch and work for free.
Crooks is a stable buck who lives in a room in the barn.Crooks has a crooked back from being kicked in the back by a horse. His dream is to eventually get off the farm and have an easier life.
Curley is a small guy, he had time in the fighting rings, so he is a very arrogant. He likes to pick on big guys to show his masculinity and seem tougher. Curleys dream is to become a "man" but he wants to be respected by everyone and above all.
Curleys wife is a very talkative person. She likes to talk to all the people that work on the ranch, but people say she is always looking for trouble. She gets bossed around by curley though and has to be careful talking to guys when he's around. Her dream is to be a successful person, and independent.
Slim is an outgoing person, he is a jerk line skinner. He gave Lennie a puppy in the beginning of the story. He is in a way the "leader" of the workers on the ranch. However, Curley thinks his wife is attracted to Slim.

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