A Little Big History of Speed By Andrew Swartz

Why is Speed Important?

Speed, is a very broad topic and has changed the universe and helped it evolved in so many ways. Speed is crucial to the make-up of everything from the creation of the universe to the way animals hunt. We see all forms of speed in life around us and it plays a big role in everything. Generally, everything comes from speed. From the speed of creatures, machines, and the universe all play a role in this topic.

How has Collective Learning Effected Speed?

The way we use speed has had a huge change overtime. We are now learning new ways to use speed through machines such as cars and phones to get the stuff we want, faster. Transportation and information spread so much faster than ever before and it continues to grow. All this has grown overtime from learning new ways to make these things happen. How we go from horse n buggy to car to plane is crazy and we don't know what will come next.

Astronomy View

From the perspective of an astronomer, I see speed playing a role in the big bang. The whole universe has been created from the big bang, and this spinning vortex came from speed. This speed had to build up energy for it to burst and without the amount of speed it would be unable to happen. Speed has created the first known signs of the universe.

Biological View

This also plays an even bigger role in a biological view. Every animal needs speed to survive. Some animals rely on their speed complterly to hunt and live. A cheetah's speed is a great example of how it uses it's speed to catch prey and live. Other animals with a slower speed find different ways to survive and thrive on the Earth. Without an animals speed, many would be extinct and us humans would most likely not exist as well.

Threshold One

We can see speed used in threshold one through the big bang which was also explained earlier. Without speed, scientists state that the energy used to have this event happen could not be generated and nothing would be here. The source of this speed is unknown and the amount of energy could not be sustained, which created the universe.

Threshold Five

We can see speed through threshold five, because it is the start of life on Earth. When life on Earth is created, speed is used all the time. Speed is used in creatures, rocks shifting, and all other kinds of things that have shaped our planet today. The speed of plate tectonics, speed of predators, speed of plants, and all other things play a role in our history.

Threshold Six

We see signs of speed in threshold six because we see collective learning in transportation. This was touched on earlier in the website and is now more elaborated. The speed of transportation has grown greatly over centuries. Before machines, people would walk and information took years and years to spread. Then we learned to tame animals and it would still take years. When machines came around we could spread information much faster, until we came up with the airplane and we could have someone anywhere in the world within a day. The speed of transportation has grown tremendously through collective learning.

Threshold Seven

We can see the use of speed through agriculture as well. Agriculture back then, used to feed a couple families in the neighborhood. Now we see farms that feed large cities full of people because of speed. Overtime we have created better seeds and machines which lead to a much faster production time. This increase in speed has allowed people to pursue in different careers and feed many more people than before.

Threshold Eight

Finally, we have threshold eight. I see speed relating in this category among the speed of social media. In the modern revolution, we see way more technology being used and the spread of information and other social media has become much faster. The creation of internet and cell phones have increased this spread by a ridiculous amount and new information is learned very fast. All of these creations have led to a much faster spread of information, and this is all because of speed. That's how speed plays a big role in the universe.


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(credibility in pictures as well)


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