I am strong tag by kaz boughton

Start by giving the tag a coat of gesso and then either add text washi tape or stamp a text stamp randomly in black ink.

Put a selection of paints onto a palette. I have used DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics in:

Green Gold

Titanium White

Cobalt Turquoise Hue

Cobalt Teal Hue

and Quinacridone Magenta.

Using a small paintbrush, randomly paint over the tag. I had no plan in mind, I just went for it, but had to add a circle as I love the look of them!

For the circle, use a small amount of paint at a time. Start with the centre, then work outwards and then, go back to the middle colour and add a tiny bit over the outer colour. Then do the same with the centre colour. You can keep going with this until you get the look that you are happy with. Sometimes I go over and over it. The board can take it so don’t be afraid!

I like to add white paint using my fingertip one the edges of the colours so that it softens them up.

Do the same thing over some of the text tape/stamp so the black isn’t so sharp.

Use some masking tape to mask off the outer rings of the stencil.

I use a make up sponge to add paint through the mask. You need to dab it into the paint and then dab lots of it off before going through the stencil. This way you minimise the blurring of the stencil. It’s always easier to add more paint than to clean it up.

I used this stencil in 2 places.

Do the same thing with the Dotstream stencil once the green has dried.

Now it’s time to attack the tag with doodles, washi tape and paint dots. I never have a plan, it just happens.

Use a paintbrush and dab the Green Gold in the centre.

Use the other end of the paintbrush to dot Green Gold in the corners.

Add a strip of washi tape across the tag so it goes over the circle. You could add patterned paper or a stamp instead.

Use a paintbrush to dab white randomly in rough lines over the tag.

These are the washi tapes that I used (ebay)

Paint 2 stars from the Mini Stars Pack.

It’s now time for doodling.

Doodle wherever and however makes you happy.

My pens of choice are the Sakura Micron 005 or 01 and Uni Posca PC-1M.

The finished results of doodling.

The final touch is to add the stars and doodled words.

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