Hello, my name is Alayna. I am senior at San Jose State University and I am majoring in Communication Studies and minoring in Business Administration, with a focus on Marketing. Although I am not majoring or minoring in Interior Design, it has always been a hobby of mine. I found my passion for interior decorating at the tender age of five. It all started when I stepped in and took on the task of decorating the Thanksgiving table for my mom. My dad had just had surgery two days prior and my mom was busy taking care of him. Meanwhile, she had 14 of my family members coming over for Thanksgiving dinner and she was a bit overwhelmed-so naturally, I stepped up to the plate and did what I could to help her. Little did I know, my kind, big-girl deed would quickly become a passion of mine. I cleared the dining room table and started to get to work. I decorated the table the best I could, with the supplies I had, or that I could get my hands on, but the table still seemed a little bare. So, I recruited my older sister and took her to the front yard with me to gather fallen leaves from the tree in our courtyard. I then wiped the leaves down with a wet paper towel, grabbed the scotch tape from the junk door and grouped them in clusters of three. I taped the stems together and set a leaf cluster at each table setting as a decoration. I then took the left over leaves and threw them on the table for decoration. My mom and dad were so impressed, they thought for sure my sister, who is three years older, had set the table. Only to find out I had done it all by myself, with a little help from my sister. When my family had arrived for Thanksgiving dinner, they were shocked by the tablescape I had created and immediately knew I had found my calling. As I got older, I continued to decorate my house for every holiday, however, I knew I wanted to keep interior decorating as my hobby and talent, rather than a career path. However, as graduation quickly approaches I have looked into combining my education with my passion. My hope is to one day work for a home staging company. By doing so, it would allow me to utilize my interpersonal communication studies background along with my marketing skills to make for the best candidate for the job.

For Interior Decorating Inquires regarding this page, please feel free to contact me through the "Contact" page on my WordPress Blog.

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