2008 Sweetheart Tiffany Hake with her daughter Mia and Christy with her daughter Ellianna. Both baby girls were born on 2/8/2018!
Can you tell us what you remember from the very first time you went to the TKE house?

I went to a party there when I was a sophomore. It was fun. Everyone was so nice and well playing beirut was the best!

Later on you were voted as the Chapter Sweetheart. Can you describe that experience? I hope we sang the Sweetheart song to you!

Being voted Chapter Sweetheart was an amazing feeling. I was up for it the year before and didn't get it. That was heartbreaking. Feeling all the guys appreciate all I had done and welcoming me as one of them was amazing. They sang the song and included me in all things. It was amazing. I was able to stick around the year after and help out more still. It holds a special place in my heart.

What year were you voted as the Sweetheart?

Spring 2002. I graduated in fall 2002 but Matt, my ex, was still there so I still participated in activities and helped with whatever was needed until we moved in 2004.

Christy and frater Chris Mettke at her wedding
Since you left Platteville, what have you been up to?

Well I worked for Dick's Sporting Goods for six years. I became a store manager and ran stores in Madison, Kenosha and Racine. I left there to work for Marshall's, moved to Bath and Body Works then Apple. I got married to my love Brandon and had a baby girl Elliana. Those last two events happened within the last two years. Oh and I moved back home. We live in Dane which is right by Lodi.

Pregnancy announcement for Christy and her husband Brandon (He is from Minnesota but still a Packers fan!)
How did you and Brandon meet?

We both managed stores in East Towne Mall. We met by chance but is the retail life. But he's my love and best friend. I was lucky to find him.

Family photos for Ellie's 6 month
You joined ZBX in college correct?

Yes, I was a ZBX although we are no longer around. It was a great sorority and I still keep in touch with my sisters.

Have any of the lessons you learned in the sorority or through TKE carried over into your sales positions?

I was Homecoming chair several years and that taught me how to handle different people and situations. Being part of both organizations taught valuable lessons on how to treat people. Although I had been in sales before that, it was a good building block. I've been in retail sales 23 years this year.

If you could have dinner with any person, dead or alive, who would you invite?

Both of my grandparents on my mom's side passed away when I was little. I'd like their perspectives. My grandma on my dad's side passed away in 2006. I want to know what she thinks now. She was very outspoken. Then John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln. My husband and I both love history so I'm intrigued. And if room permitted, I would invite Jesus. I want to see how religion plays in today.

Christy with her sister at their annual alumni Badgers game. Go Badgers!
  1. Ice cream or custard? Custard
  2. Rollercoaster or water park? Roller coaster!!!!
  3. Cheese curds hot or cold? Room temperature, unless they are deep fried. Cold is ridiculous.
  4. Rap or rock? Old school rock and rap are a dead even tie. Today's rap and rock, definitely rock.
  5. North or south? Northeast. I love out east.
  6. Salt or sugar? Salt


Christy Smith

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