Bora broa is known to be one of the best most romantic and expensive place. Called for a vacation, It is made of island & surrounding the islets emerging front the coral reef. This place have gotten the name from the phrase "PORA PORA" . Which is now Bora Bora, meaning "first born". As the first land to rise taaroa

Private Island

You can finally have your own private island to yourself, they have over 20 over water bungalows & is on a small island off the coast which makes it even more exclusive. This have became even popular until they added a swimming pool

Almost all of the land is surrounded by water, by chance can possibly have dinner or breakfast above the water, Some people would prefer inside but it is more exclusive and pleasing, you can watch the sunset and the beach, basically everything in Bora Bora is outdoors


Weather determines ether there are going to be beach available. There are many other kind of beaches here, but there all pretty much alike just cause they have bars & places you can eat at also enjoying the sunset or sky.. You spend most of your time mainly on the beach that's mainly Bora Bora anyways

If your going for a vacation, every hotel is exclusive and expensive, they are all made out of wood and brown grass. The hotels can be above water and anywhere. Four season resort includes luxuries homes and hotels. Located on the southeast side. They all have private pools & a lagoon, and who wouldn't love this you'll have the view of the mountain Otemanu

Summer months end up being December, January, February & March. Winters are in July,June, August, September & October. This is a place where there's barely any rain or snow. This is why most people call it the "Most elegant" place. Since it never rains

There are only about 500 species in the water, you would want to expect whales and sharks, sea turtles, dolphins. It's important to know all these animals because you don't know what's coming your way during a swim in the ocean

There are a variety of marine life Animals, crabs roam the shores & again there not a lot of marine life animals that most people don't even know about, & like always there are only 500 species in the ocean, bora bora is a little place but the best to explore and experience a life time

Who wouldn't want to learn and speak a new language, you wouldn't under stand what the people how live were talking about. Tahitian (borabora) people speak french. Most can comprehend with English also


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