Monroe Doctrine By cassidy becker

When the Monroe Doctrine was Given
  • December of 1823
  • given by James Monroe
  • included in his Congressional speech
Why It was Made
  • protect the nation from foreign nations
  • a base for their foreign policy

- thought Spain might reclaim western lands

-used to get out of unnessary civil wars

The Four Basic Principles
  • The United States would not interfere in the affairs of European nations
  • The United States would recognize, and not interfere with, colonies that already existed in North and South America
  • The Western Hemisphere was to be off-limits to future colonization by any foreign power
  • The United States would consider any European power’s attempt to colonize or interfere with any nation in the Western Hemisphere to be a hostile act
Political Figures Who Used Monroe Doctrine
  • Ulysses S. Grant - used in 1870s
  • Theodore Roosevelt - used in 1898
  • John Foster Dulles - used in 1954
  • John Quincy Adams

-was secretary of state when it was made

-outlined the document

-suggested elements


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