Alexander the Great By: Kamrie CHancey

Alexander as a child

Alexander was born in Macedonia in the year of 356 B.C. to King Philip II and his wife Olympus. One famous story about Alexander was that he was able to tame a wild stallions named Bucephalas. At 13 Alexanders father, Philip, decided to choose a tutor for Alexander. His tutor was Aristotle. During his studies Alexander became interested in medicine, and actually proscribed prescriptions to people. Aristotle was Alexanders teacher for the next three years.

Alexander as Prince

Alexander immediately showed signs of success on the battlefield as a teenager. During a battle with his father they fought a well renowned Persian military leader. Alexander and his father were able to secure a victory over the Persian military leader and thus started Alexander's military start.

Alexander's Major Battles

The first of Alexander's battles was against the Persian's. this would be the first of many battles one by Alexander. This victory gave the Macedonia's access to Asia minor and many cities hurriedly made their way there. the next battle was in the Mediterranean. There Alexander defeated Darius and too control. From there he made his way to Egypt which accepted him with open arms and named him a pharaoh. The last place Alexander conquered was the Indus River Valley. It was in this battle that Alexander and his men met one of their greatest matches, elephants. The edge of the river was lined with men on elephants, making it nearly impossible to pass. Alexander however, found a way to confuse the enemy and defeat the Indians. This was the last major battle fought by Alexander and his men. battling for eight year and over 17,000 miles the men formed a mutiny and refused to go on any further.

Alexander's Death and the Aftermath

Alexander fell ill upon his return to Babylon. With no heir the empire started to fall. Alexander's generals fought over who should rule and even when the did it fell apart after only 10 years. 


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