Portfolio X'zavier Williams

I have gotten better at my work by working hard and following directions. And I have made improvement by doing my wotk and working hard.
I have gotten better at hue and saturation. The apples were red then I changed their colors. I repeated the apples and I changed the background.
I made a billboard and I used Alabama because my team didn't make it to the playoffs and I changed the way they look and added more pictures.
This is my identity package design. A letterhead, business card and an envelope make up my identity package. They show what I like to do and I added more pictures to the envelope. I kept the football, basketball, the "x", and bottom design areas consistent.
I added sentences or just words and made a shape that formed a football. This is called a word collage or cloud.
I also did Doddle for Google and I designed a dog and a goblin in the letters. This is a contest that you enter for the best design and I have the best.
I just filled the page up with logos and letters and some spell words. It's called a typography collage.I used different fonts on each letter and also different colors.
Burger Juice is my package design. I could use these skills on designing billboards and things like that. I like my Burger Juice. It's lunch in a drink. My slogan is "It's a burger in a can".


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