Sarah's journey By: kaydee dempsey

One day when Sarah was getting ready to go to the bottom of the ocean her mother walked into Sarah's room and told her that she could not go. Sarah is mad at her mother and starts yelling and screaming at her mother than suddenly everything goes small. Sarah's mother seems scared soon Sarah realizes she is evaporating.

When she gets to the clouds she thinks to herself: Why are the clouds as pink as cotton candy? And they're are a lot of other droplets that were all accumulating. Soon she see's two other droplets talking.

"Hey let's eat this here Cotten candy, I'm hungry what do ya say?"asked one droplet.

"Let's do it but only because I'm hungry to and Cotton candy is delicious!"replied the other droplet.

Cotton candy clouds

As soon as they take a bite of what they thought was cotton candy everything started shaking. Screams start coming from behind Sarah. Soon Sarah felt heavy then she drops and gets faster and faster then she hits a hill she was precipitating. when she gets to the ground she starts to sink into the ground as groundwater.

When she was in the ground she started to feel tired and decided to take a short nap and she dozed of. In her dream she had a scare she had the worst dream. There was plants and animals and rivers.

Sleeping in the groundwater
Nightmare river
Moose drinks up Sarah and her dream of getting home

When she finally woke with a fright she was moving she was going into a river and started to flow in till everything stoped there was a gigantic moose drinking her! She stayed in the moose for days but when she finally came out she went into a flower it was horrible but she came out of the top of the flower by transpiration.

The next thing Sarah knew, she is evaporating again into the clouds and she is getting used to moving around so much. When she precipitates she goes down hill in the runoff and lands quickly into the ocean water.

With a loud plop

"MOM, DAD I'm home!"

Her parents come running to her as fast as the can go and give her a great big hug.

"Oh thank goodness we missed you so much, are you hurt where did you go, why did it take so long to come home and-"

"I evaporated and had to go on a long journey and I fell asleep for 3 years in groundwater but I missed you so much!"

Then when I see a little face pop out behind my mom I think He is so adorable.

"Mom who is that?" I questioned

"This is your brother Rainy, come her rainy this is your older sister."

He come out from behind mom he looks about 2 years old but is the cutest thing in the world.

"Hello." He said in a soft voice.

"Hi, you are so cute!" I gushed.

"Thanks!" Rainy exclaimed cheerfully.

Sarah was back home safe and sound and is happy to finally be with her family once again.

Sarah with her family once again

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