AURASMA How to use aurasma

The Explore Tab

On entering the Aurasma Studio, the first page you will reach is the Explore page, which offers thumbnails of Auras and campaigns currently featured, popular, or recently created on the Aurasma platform.

You will notice that all the thumbnails have list or menu icons on the bottom right - by clicking on these you can get the option either to open the Trigger Image to view the Aura, or to see thumbnails for every Aura in that whole campaign:

Uploading Trigger Images

In order to create Auras, or augmented reality experiences, you need to upload the necessary assets. Auras require a Trigger Image, which is a real-world image, object, or location that will be recognized by Aurasma.

Once your assets are ready and available on your desktop, you simply need to upload them in to the system so you can create Auras.

Log in to your Aurasma Studio account and click the 'Assets' tab in the top-central dashboard. Clicking 'Create New Trigger' on the far right will offer you a dropdown menu where you can upload a single Trigger Image.

You will then be taken to a new window. Be sure to fill out an appropriate name for your Trigger Image. 'From File' is automatically selected for you, which allows you to the hit 'Browse.' You can now search your computer for your Trigger Image. Hitting 'Save' will upload it in to your Studio account.Choosing 'Create Single Overlay' will allow you to upload one Overlay into your account from your desktop.

Once you hit save, your Trigger Image will populate in your account. You can then upload more Trigger Images by repeating the same step or you can move on to your Overlays.

Uploading Overlays

The second component of an Aura after a Trigger Image you want our technology to recognise, is an Overlay: the digital element (e.g. videos, images, or 3D models) launched on your mobile device's screen when Aurasma views a Trigger Image. Click here to see the specifications for each type of Overlay.

In order to upload an Overlay to your Aurasma Studio account, you will want to make sure you have access to your video, image or 3D model on your desktop. Log in to Aurasma Studio and click the 'Assets' tab in the top-central dashboard. The subheadings on the top left will give you the option to choose 'Triggers' or 'Overlays.' Click 'Overlays' and then choose 'Create New Overlay' to the right.

Choosing 'Create Single Overlay' will allow you to upload one Overlay to your account from your desktop. You will then be taken to a new window. Name your Overlay, choose the 'Type' of file it is, browse your desktop for your file. and hit 'Save'.

Hitting 'Save' will add you new Overlay to your account. It will be available for use when you are creating an Aura.

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