Spring Campaign Analytics OU Web Communication, Marketing and New Media

OU Giving Day

Like every great campaign, we started with a few teasers.

Three teaser posts garnered 42,219 impressions on Twitter.

Pre-campaign posts reached 46,956 people on Facebook.

Andy from Parks and Rec garnered positive responses in the comments.

We posted a promotional video produced by our media team the day before OU Giving Day

It got 3.2K views on Twitter, 4.5K views on Instagram, and 5.6K views on Facebook.

Four promotional posts on the day of Giving Day reached over 57,000 people on Facebook.

The best performing content was this meme that reached 17,630 people.

After the campaign, two "thank you" posts reached over 26,900 people.

Together, all the promotional content for Giving Day on Facebook reached 130,856.

Seven promotional posts on Twitter the day of the campaign got over 81,000 Impressions.

The meme reigned supreme above other promotional content again with 15,679 impressions.

The post-campaign "thank you" posts reached 30,550 people, bringing the campaign total to 153,769 impressions on Twitter.

Three campaign day posts on Instagram garnered 70.2K impressions.

The meme once again beat out the other forms of content with 26.4K impressions.

A time lapse with 24.4K impressions was second in high-performing content.

International Women's Day.

On March 8th, we curated some special content for International Women's Day to capitalize on traffic from the hashtag and tell the stories of Sooner Women.

This included a Playbuzz on Julie Siberts, our first female drum Major.

On Facebook, the post reached over 150,200 people and performed 70% better than other posts.

Promoting the content on Twitter gave us an additional 15,998 impressions.

On Instagram, the post garnered 26K impressions.

And the list outperformed our best Playbuzz content by over 2,000 views.

For the campaign, we also spotlighted OU research.

And reposted a Playbuzz list we created last semester.

Total, the three posts reached 189,825 people on Facebook, and had 35,553 impressions on Twitter.

Latino Flavor

On March 6th, the Hispanic American Student Association kicked off Latino Flavor.

We promoted the three-day celebration with social posts and a Facebook live stream

Latino Flavor content reached over 31,000 people on Facebook.

We also curated Latino Flavor content in Spanish for the Universidad de Oklahoma page.

Four pieces of Latino Flavor content on Twitter garnered over 40,500 impressions.

Together the same four posts on Instagram had 94.3K impressions.

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