Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King wanted people to have equal rights because everybody in the United States did not have equal rights at that time. Martin Luther King wanted everyone in the United States to be judged for who they were as people and not by if they were black or white.

Martin Luther King wanted to get rid of Jim Crow laws because those laws kept black people separated from white people. Martin Luther King wanted equal rights because if the black kids did not go to school and learn to read and write they would not have a future.

Martin Luther King was trying to speak out for Civil Rights and to protest peacefully. Martin Luther King tried to get equal rights by protesting. His way of protesting was not using violence, but by protesting peacefully. Martin Luther king wanted blacks and whites to both be able to ride the same buses, but had to convince people to make equal rights for all people. In December 1956 after the court of law said that even if people have different skin color they can ride on the same bus, Martin Luther King knew he had helped with the bus boycotts. This shows that Martin Luther King’s work was helping blacks get equal rights.

There were positive consequences to what Martin Luther King was trying to get. One of the positive consequence was he got a law passed making segregation of public places illegal. He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 because he spoke out to everybody about segregation and equal rights. This was important because the prize recognized Martin Luther KIng's efforts for nonviolent protests against discrimination. Martin Luther King was a great leader and wanted to make the world better. He was a leader for The Southern Christian Leadership Conference because he wanted new leadership.

When Martin Luther King spoke out for equal rights it made him a target. Some of the negative consequences of Martin Luther King’s actions were that he was arrested and his home was blown up and he was at risk for personal abuse. It was negative because he got shot and he got phone calls that they would hurt him physically. Martin Luther King’s willingness to suffer negative consequences shows he was a good person and willing to risk his life for other people.


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