The Elementary News Week of September 9-28-2020

Our First Week!!

Greetings families! The big news this week is homework! Your child's Monday green folder contains his / her spelling, reading and math assignments for the week. Students should log on daily to one of the online websites: Read Theory on Monday and Wednesday and IXL Math on Tuesday and Thursday. Your child's folder will include his / her spelling list as well. First year students are practicing reading and writing each word two or three times on Tuesday and Thursday. Second graders and higher should do a short book summary for their morning Silent Reading title. Your child needs a notebook to write the weekly book summary. Your child may bring home this book on Wednesday to write the summary. Please sign the Weekly Homework Assignment form and return it inside the green folder along with the other work. If you are having log-in problems, please let me know. Parents, thank you for your partnership and support. Let's help guide your child in developing great homework habits!

This first grade students are beginning work on the cubing (long) counting chains. Some students are learning about the seasons and how the earth revolves around the sun. Some students are learning about the characteristics of all living things. Our older students will be helping to streamline our systems in the classroom to be more effienct with our transition times. This week we began Spanish enrichment!

Today your child will bring home a black and white bag containing his/ her work notebooks, packets, and workbooks. Please have your child share his / her classroom work process and choices with you. The blue folder is the work-in progress folder and contains unfinished assignments.


Just a few reminders that may be important over the weeks ahead:

If possible, please pack a cloth place mat or napkin for your child to cover his / her table at lunch. It will help in clean-up as well as making it a clean space for your child. Each student should bring the clear pouch daily for notes or other papers to be returned home.

Email Address: carmenschoolhouse@gmail.com

We will see you at the curriculum night today. Have an awesome weekend!


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