My Hero

My hero is my grandma, Her name is Dora Monzon my grandma is connected to me because she’s been around since i was a baby and never left my side. My grandma is from Mexico, Hildago. I interviewed her because i felt like grandma was a very brave independent women. Not a lot of women come from mexico and tried to do something else with their lives besides think of what they could've done. I think she is the most wonderful, most beautiful person in this world. She has encountered with a lot and manage to build all that up and move on from it. She made her self into something precious in life. You'll may nit be able to see it but in my eyes you can.

My grandma had to overcome a lot. She came to Los Angeles to give her children a better chance at life. My grandpa left my grandma when my mother and aunt were at a age of 15 or 16. Any problem that came my grandma’s way she would never speak of it. Nor show anyone that it would affect her in any way. My grandma is a very independent women does what she thinks is best. The most important thing I’ve learned was that she has done the most for me. I never seen someone stick with me through the worst. I haven't seen someone ignore all the harsh things I would say and still make me something to eat. She would die before she could let anything happen to me nor see me starve.

Dora Monzon has accomplished to show everyone that even if she wasn’t born in Los Angeles CA she could at least provided for her family without a man in her life. She had a decent job. She started taking classes to learn english and understand what I would say to her. She also learned what mistakes she did with her children and not what to do with me to drive me away. My grandma has proved not only to the people who doubted her but to also my grandpa because he left my grandma for someone who wasn’t down to ride for him while he got locked up. That sows to prove that my grandma puts her pride before her feelings. She will never stand there and let a man put her down in her life. She will stand up and fight for herself. Most women will beg for the man to stay or get depressed but not my grandma.

She has a big influence in my life because I don’t think I would be able to go through what she did without feeling like i wasn’t worth anything. I wouldn’t know what to do if I had children with someone and one day they just decided to leave and have another life with someone else. How to keep my emotions in and not show anyone things would affect me. Make it to school at a much older age. Provide for a family and mother and also a father. It would've have been tough for me to handle all that. That's why I admire her she is so strong.

I learned that after everything this woman went through to make this family how it is now, she had to deal with a lot of pain. She pushed and pushed till she accomplished finishing school. also to give her girls a good life. She showed me that I have to ignore all the negativity and focus on the positive things. Can’t depend on people to have you while you aren’t doing good. You have to think about you and your family because they are always going to be there through the bad times. No one got you like your family does.

" Don't let anyone doubt you, keep pushing until you succeeded"


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