Edo Period Emperor- Riki Yuuki By Jonathon Wight

I chose the name Riki Yuuki for my character, because when translated into the correct Kanji, it means " Power Bravery". This is how I would imagine a medieval Japanese emperor. Always in power, making brave and difficult decisions. They are also quite classic names that aren't very modern, and aren't really used today.

On my coat of arms, I put what would've been my family name, Yuuki. For my motto I chose a quote from Confucius, "Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall", translated to Hiragana is "私たちの最大の栄光は決して落ちるものではありませんが、毎回立ち上がる際に落ちます". I chose this quote because it can refer to the two Mongol invasions of Japan in the late 1200's, both of which were won by Japan. I also picked this quote, because Confucianism is a really powerful religion in Japan. I also picked to put the Japanese dragon, ryu, on it too, because my family is about power, and dragons are powerful.



Diary Entry of a typical Japanese Emperor (fictional):

I woke up feeling refreshed. For breakfast I ate a 29 egg tamagoyaki. It was nice, but my chef had burnt it a bit. Today I took part in Matsuri, a Shinto festival where I gave thanks for my lengthy reign as emperor of Japan. I walked back into the castle after, where I ate 3 entire bowls of sushi. I didn't know what else to do so I drank sake as I walked around my beautiful garden, waiting for the Sumo Wrestling match to start. As I watched the match, I ate a dozen sweet sticky rice balls. After that, I heard some news of Mongolia planning to invade Japan. I hope the Shogun deals with this and prepares all the samurai, or at least tries to keep peace with Kublai Khan, who is the the Khagan of the Mongol Empire. I was feeling quite tired after all that physical activity, so I just went to sleep.


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