"Order in the court! Suspect is found GUILTY! Take him away!" Okay, okay, even though he is not one of those judges that send people to jail for kidnapping and that kind of stuff, John Julian still has an important job as a judge. Although he seem super serious all the time around work, he is really funny and has many stories to be told. Keep reading to learn more about his (awesome) job as a judge, events he plans for us (my cousins and I), and many fun places we go to hang out and have fun.

Imagine reading all those law books and having to memorize all of the laws! Plus, you have to go to law school for an extra three years!


My Uncle John Julian is also known as Judge Julian. The courthouse he works at is all the way in Nantucket, so whenever he is needed there he has to take a ferry all the way from Cape Cod! Talk about dedicated! He does not deal with trials where they send people to jail, more like suing issues. One time, my family went to the courthouse and watched him work. He invited us on the stage and everyone laughed. I hope we can do that again sometime!

Hang Outs

Most weekends and most weeks of summer are spent in Cape Cod, the home of my and grandparents and the Julian's. My family stays at our houses in West Yarmouth (We have 3, a little cottage, a guest house and a big house in progress) while my cousins stay at my grandparents house down the street. The Julian's live in Dennis which is about 15 minutes away. Most of the time we meet up at either our grandparents house or our house to go to the beach( there aren't many beaches near John's house so it isn't a reasonable meeting place). Down the street from my grandparents house there is a beach with rocks on the side and in the water. This is considered the "family beach" even though we don't own it. My dads cousins are usually there and we go swimming. Once Uncle Johnny was driving home from the Christmas Tree Shop with a big tube tied to his roof. The tube came off and he had to chase it in the traffic. Then he arrived at Rock beach with a popped tube. There is also a private beach down the street from my house in Cape Cod. Sometimes, we go out for pizza or our grandma makes a variety of food and we eat there.


Several fun events are held at the Julian's house, mostly because they have a humongous yard to play in. My favorite is our Easter egg hunt. Johnny fills eggs, including 2 golden eggs filled with money, and places them around the yard. I've only found one golden egg and that was last year. My siblings participate as well as some as the Julian's cousins. Sometimes we have cookouts, and John Julian makes the best hamburgers ever. The kids eat first then the adults. While the adults eat, the kids go into the giant basement and my cousins Nick and Tom host this thing called the Spooky Jamaican show where it is pitch black and they use flashlights to scare us when they appear in random places in front and behind us. One time, Johnny came downstairs without any of us knowing, crept across the room, grabbed a flashlight, snuck in front of us all, and screamed "BOO!!" We all jumped and screamed, including the "hosts". You know how horrible nightmares are, right? Imagine having them every night for TWO WEEKS IN A ROW!!!!

This is what a courthouse usually looks like from the outside.

As you can see, not all Uncles are like some Grandmothers and buy you socks and underwear for Christmas. Even though he is awesome and you probably want to meet him, try not to see him in court( that's a whole new and different version of the same person)!


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