Creative Writing✏️ By:Kheira

What is Creative Writing? What do we learn?

Creative writing is the best because you can express your feelings. You can use different ways to express them without using exact words. For example you can express how sad you are in a poem, describing what you are feeling but you aren't crying. There are so many types of writing you can choose from. Like haikus, diamanté , couplet poems and free verse and many more.

Creative writing is not just about writing, its all about being creative. Most people have natural creative streak. but as anyone who has tried it knows, getting an idea out of your head and onto a piece of paper can be very challenging. If you don’t write good paragraphs, few people will want to read your work. You will be viewed or judged as a writer who doesn’t know how to write well.

Being a writer we like to use fancy words, or words that help us understand things better. A word that we use a lot is "imagery" it helps you visualize what the story or poem is about and its all what you think. Writing is a strong thing and can sometimes hard to understand. But you just have to break the sentence down into parts you can understnad.

How to write certain types of writing!

Writing poems and stories are very easy you just really have to put your brain to it and focus on a certain topic. I am going to explain to you how to write a certain type of writing that I enjoy myself, a diamanté.

First is diamanté, now before you began to write you have to think what should my topic be? For now my topic will be flowers, on the first line you would just write flowers becasue that is your topic. Next you would figure out two adjectives that describe or talk about your topic. After that you get three verbs that have to do with your topic it might be something it does or anything. You will soon began to come up with a four word sentence in mine I used "Flowers are a gift." Finally you come up with three more verbs and adjectives but not the same one and end it off with your topic.

Here is an example of a Diamanté that I wrote

How are creative writing and acting alike and dislike?

Acting and creative writing are both two different majors but they do havs some things alike and other are different.

Here is a venn diagram comparing creative writing and theater


Imagery- A way to help you visualize writing

Creative- to be very descriptive and opened minded, to think outside the box

Haikus- a certain type of writing with only 3 lines and no more

Free verse- a type of poem, but the words dont have to rhyme

Expression- When you write you have to show that you mean it

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