My Tour of the Harn IUF1000 What is the good life

Medium of the Art and Technique of the Artist

Often times, a picture doesn't do justice for a piece of artwork. This was certainly what I experienced whilst at the Harn, surrounded by art with rich colors and unique textures. The sculpture below is a great example of this, as, in the photo, it looks flat and colorless. In real life, the sculpture was rich in color and depth, as the whole thing was covered with tiny, multi-colored paint drops; these drops raised above the sculpture, adding dimension to the piece. The uniqueness and vibrant colors of this sculpture really drew me in, and I found joy in the delicate and painstaking nature of the piece's composition.

Design of theMuseum

I was a huge fan of the garden pictured below. The architecture was ingenious, and I loved how the glass walls added to the beauty of the garden, without completely removing fresh air and sunlight. Even the floor plan was interesting, as the garden is angled and in a corner. I also really liked the effect of seeing more nature and more cool architecture beyond the glass half-walls. This was especially nice to have in the middle of the museum, as the fresh air and new scenery really broke up the routine of walking up and down closed aisles staring at art under artificial lights.

Art and Core Values

I chose the above artwork because it really speaks to my core value of hardworking. I've always prided myself on my ability to work hard towards goals, and this physical representation of hard work made me feel pride as well. In addition to the men working hard, I appreciated the actual scene of their work. The painting glorifies building and construction, and is reminiscent to me of photos that I love, like "Lunch Atop a Skyscraper." Photos like these that hail early American growth and industry really make me reflect on the hard work that built our great cities, and make me feel very patriotic.

Art and the Good Life

The painting above touches me as much for its physical beauty as it does due to its history. Like the painter, my family came to New York to flee WWII Europe. This quest to find the good life is embodied perfectly by the painting, which glorifies New York city, and presents a gorgeous skyline. The painting also makes me think about the "location" aspect of the good life, and how physical location is important to one's happiness. Perhaps I should go back to New York soon; I could see myself working in the city.


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