Aten The king of gods

Aten was the king of gods for only 17 years

This was because during Akhenaten's ruling, he wanted to believe in only one god. He even changed his name to have Aten in it

But Akhenaten only ruled for 17 years, so Aten only became king of gods for 17 years as well

One thing that people worshipped from him was Aten's Hymn, parts of it were:

How manifold it is, what thou hast made!

They are hidden from the face (of man).

O sole god, like whom there is no other!

Aten was the creator, giver of life, and nurturing spirit of the world, but one thing is not known about him

He has no background story, family, or creation myth. So I find it hard to believe he was the creator of all things and that he did so many wonderous things if people didn't even record it

The sources I used were: which was written by professor Isambard Brunel

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