VOIM109 - Week 1 Lecture

Office365 and OneDrive

This course is designed to help you gain speed and accuracy as you keyboard, and then give you a set of skills in Word Processing. Word Processing is used almost every office World-Wide as a form of formal communication, and business correspondence. The most popular form of Word Process is owned and created by Microsoft, and is the anchor of the Microsoft Office Suite software products. The Microsoft Office suite includes applications such as Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint. Suite software is a collection of programs that are designed to work with each other by allowing the embedding of information and is designed to ensure that the application software interacts with the computer hardware and consists of the Operating system (such as Windows 10 on a PC or OS X on a Mac).

Office365 Online

As a Bryant & Stratton College student, you have access to the newest version of Microsoft Office. By opening your email, which is one of the Microsoft Office applications (Outlook), you have access to Office365. As you look at your Inbox in your email, click on the Grid (a waffle-looking icon) in the upper, left-hand corner:

Grid icon that opens all the parts of Office365

Once you click on this icon, you can see all the applications & software available for your use:

For this course, you will want to create all your documents using Microsoft Word, highlighted in Blue in the above picture.


Once you have created a document using Microsoft Word. You should always develop the good habit of saving it somewhere in addition to your computer’s hard drive. After all that hard work, it would be a shame to lose it. That is completely possible as we all know that technology does fail from time to time. Another great feature in Office 365 is use of the One Drive. That is just like having a thumb drive that you would store documents on. The best thing about a One Drive though, is that it is Cloud Computing, which means it is replicated in several very large servers, so that if one server fails, the other copies are available. It is seamless and you would never know there was a server failure. So how do you get your document to that drive? Just a few simple steps:

Choose the File Tab and then Save As. The first thing Word does is ask you where you want to save your file. Select One Drive:

Sign in and then you can choose to UPLOAD or drag/drop your file. Another full advantage is that you can get to this file if you still have work to do from anywhere you have internet.

Here is a short video to help you understand how One Drive works:

Please visit the following websites to learn more about OneDrive and about how you can use on your various devices such as a tablet or phone.

Test your Office 365 knowledge by taking this quick 3 question quiz!

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