Tess Hyre Strategic Communications Portfolio

Hello all and welcome to my Strategic Communications portfolio. I am a graduating senior from Shepherd University where I am a dual major in Communications and New Media along with Recreation and Leisure with a concentration in Sports Communications. Throughout my college career I have been blessed to expand my horizons to new lengths and continue to build my resume. Please explore my journey through Shepherd University and the special projects that I have developed and worked on. Enjoy.

Addressing the issues of obesity in the United States, this PSA to promote the importance of fitness was used for both a recreation class and an advertising communications class for Fall 2016. The footage used is all original and captured by myself, Tess Hyre.

In addition to the PSA that I created, I also created this original ad to help promote the importance of exercising and end obesity.
Chipotle Crisis

I developed a white paper on Chipotle and their crisis over the E. coli and norovirus outbreak scare they had happen to their restaurants across the United States back in December 2015 and coming up with a solution to solve their problem and restore the trust they once had with loyal costumers.

Eliminating Childhood Obesity

In addition to developing a white paper on Chipotle and their E. coli crisis, I also developed a case study on two universities for the 2012 Bateman Case Study discussing childhood obesity within the universities region.

Females In Sports

One thing that has fascinated me through my years growing up in sports is the lack of equality that women face in the sport industry. Part of the reason why I chose to study sports communications was because I once dreamed of becoming a female sports reporter. Now that dream may still be in my mind, I felt that it would be appropriate to study inequality in sports and develop my own research, which includes my extended abstract to opens the eyes of millions on the issues of inequality.

Advertisement & Semiotics

Advertisement makes the world go round in most cases, yet some do not look for the deeper meaning. That is where semiotics come in to play. I have decoded the signs, that also include the signifier and the signified, to help open my eyes to just what advertisers want people to see. One specific project includes one of semiotics of appearance and activity. This project includes ads from the 1990's to the present year, 2016.

Girls Taking a Selfie Using QuickPic

Using Adobe Photoshop CC 2015, I have developed skills to use when designing mock-up ads, such as this one that was created for QuickPic.

White Christmas

During film history, I learned how to analyze film in a new perspective. Which leads me to a research paper I wrote about the artistic, economic, and culture attributes to White Christmas and the evolution of critics of the film. How we perceive film now to how it was perceived back in the 1950's and 1960's are much different, and that is also highlighted throughout my paper.

Moral Compass of Media

In media management, I have learned how semiotics is featured in everything that is presented to us. Whether that be media, such as advertisement and television commercials, but also modeling and how people act. Identifying the action and understanding the meaning behind the action often helps with coming to terms with what that ad was trying to convey to its viewers. I have developed a research paper on the drastic change in the moral compass of media in social objectivity, such as performances in the Super Bowl.

These are just some of the flyer designs I have created for social media promotions and events in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia and for Shepherd University.


Through prior experience with interning at public relations firms, I have developed proper blogging techniques, creating Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, and event planning skills.

Created By
Tess Hyre


Created with images by Pexels - "apple computer hands" • JeepersMedia - "Chipotle" • USAG-Humphreys - "Soccer - Army Youth Sports and Fitness - CYSS - Camp Humphreys, South Korea - 111001" • keijj44 - "softball batter female" • fervent-adepte-de-la-mode - "Constance-Vogue#2" • ruffin_ready - "LP cover - Irving Berlin's White Christmas" • rdaconnect - "ethics wordcloud utilitarianism" • markusspiske - "home office laptop notebook"

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