Engineering an Improved User Experience for Smartphone Users Age 55+ Blair Henderson and Amber draina

Our goal in the project is to find out how to make a smartphone user interface easier for the older adult population ages 55+. To accomplish this goal, we first conducted user research in real-life contexts with several methods: benchmarking, interviews, and surveys. Then we created working prototypes for user testing. We tested the prototypes with our peers, made changes, and are now ready to test the prototypes with our target users: adults over 55.

Benchmarking Data

We found that users of the older adult population need:

  • Large touch points
  • Large text
  • Simplicity
  • Customization
  • Self-Guidance feature
  • Functions should not require awkward and unnatural hand movements or gestures

Interview & Survey Data



We did mini-usability tests with our sketches before we started prototyping.


From this point on, Blair chose to focus on the Tutorial part and Amber focused on making Home Screen Customization easier.

Blair's Facet of this Project:

Fearful Francis wants to send a text message to his son but does not know how and needs instruction on how to.

Amber's Facet of this Project:

Disabled Denice wants to customize her home screen. She needs to add the Amazon app and delete the Browser app.


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