Jim Crow By: Patrick Clougher

A white mans barn had burned down in a small southern town, and he had no idea what the cause was.

Instead of finding evidence of who or what caused the tragedy, he blamed it on the Stevensons', the only black family in the town.

An angry mob of primarily white men took Cordella (the mother), and she was found a week later hanging from a tree.

The police department "looked for the culprits" for less than a day eyewitnesses said. One person even overheard the judge of the town say that "even if they did catch someone I'd let them off the hook".

This chart shows the percentage of white and black people with equal pay by year. As you can the number never even gets over 50%. This is shockingly low. So more than half of the African American community was put at a financial disadvantage.

During the Jim Crow era if work was needed signs like this were often posted to inform people. They refuse to let black people work for them, which means more black peoples will be unemployed. The places that did hire black people would give the white people the easier task while leaving the more physically and mentally challenging jobs for the black people.

This was a cartoon from 1904 showing the differences between white and black railroad cars. In this time just 1/3 of the tax money was put into the colored car as the white car.

An African American man named Will Brown was falsely accused of assaulting a white woman named Agnes Lowbeck. A mob of white Americans took the innocent man, hung him, shot him, tied him to a pile of old lumber, and burned him to death. When the case was taken to court an all white jury and white judge decided not to take action against the group of people. The images used on the page were very disturbing so I just used a mugshot of Will Brown

This chart shows that thousands of African American teachers from mainly the south a lot less money than white people with the same job. Some of the most extreme exaplmes are Mississippi where white teachers make almost four times as much as black teachers. Another example is Arkansas where white teachers make double what black teachers do.

A lot of African Americans were forced to work as cooks or maids to make enough money to get by during the Jim Crow era. This lead to a stereotype that showed an overweight, motherly looking, African American woman on kitchen supplies. The biggest example of this was on Aunt Jamimas pancakes. This put down black woman because it is saying that black woman can only be cooks etc

This is the contract signed by Walter and William Artis who were brothers and sons of slaves. In a more detailed version it states that over a three year period the brothers would have to pay a whopping $5000. It may not seem like much to us but in 1916 $5000 was the equivalent of $106,000 today. A lot of African Americans would pay these ridiculous amounts of money for just a few acres of land because they had no other choice. Most white people owned a house of stock and they get to pass these advantages on to their children. African Americans didn't have this advantage and were often tricked out of their own money.

African Americans were obviously viewed as lesser than white people during this time, but some people would go as low as calling them animals. There were some places that would be more gentle in telling black people that they were not welcome by saying white people only or no colored people. However some places like this one in the image would say things like no negros or dogs absolutely destroying any self confidence they had before.

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