Twitter community by Shania & jamal

Life on twitter

Twitter is a distraction, a time sucker, a loophole. Life on Twitter can be time consuming and hectic.While on twitter people get lost in the feed and forget about the real world and interacting with people --face to face.Twitter is a digital world separating people from outside surroundings, yet connecting them to larger information and more people around the world at the same time.The Twitter community gives people of all ages,sizes, races, the opportunity to be heard and have a sense of belonging through a computer screen.

When logged onto twitter you get notifications and direct messages that can bring you to look at your phone and get sucked into the “twitter world”.Twitter connects people from all around the world making itself its own small community through a system.Through this community people can voice their opinions, facts and feelings 24/7.Twitter is a lot of communities combined in one.This community just ensures people that they are not alone and aren't the only ones going through certain things.Through twitter someone's feelings can be liked and re-tweeted.

Twitter is capable of changing someone's entire mood.Someone can log onto twitter and be moved by the twitter feed.The Twitter community is a lot simpler than a live community, there is less responsibilities and stress. Anything that goes on Twitter can come back to u as either good or bad however you take it.Twitter is a community for the world.Someone's twitter community is based off their followers and the people you follow.Twitter allows people to chose their own community and see people who are alike.


Endless possibilities

Jamal's interview and their thoughts on twitter community

Jamal - So how does twitter affect you?

Hanifa {friend} - Its a good source of keeping me updated with current events

Jamal - Does twitter affect the choices you make?

Hanifa {friend} - Sometimes. The platform always shows people with both sides of a situation but ultimately the decision id yours to make

our picture expressing how twitter connects multiple communities around the world ultimately creating one friendly online community.
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