Teen suicide by gilbert partida

Teen suicide is a problem in today's culture it taking many peoples lives,and even though we know about it, but some how we don't see it until it to late. Teen suicide has been going on for a long time. to long if you ask me, no one know where this all started, But these terrible and heart breaking act's are a real problem in today society. It is the 3rd leading cause in death in teen's that a scary things to think about especially if you have kid's.

In today society it still a ever real problem almost ever day some one take there life because of meany reason's. A lot of them have to do with bullying, and how people treat other because they are different,And in the world of technology you can't get away so easy they can bully you though social media, and plenty of other way online. If you ask teen's today if they have been bulled, or if they where the bully a lot of them will say yes. i'm not saying ever one will but ever one at least know how it feels


But thought all of this there still way's you can help. some way are by talking to some one about there problem's, or fine someone that can help them heal,But if you'r someone that thinking about suicide, but you don't have someone to talking to pick up the phone and call someone who can help there are plenty of places where they can help


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