Character Designs for Educators jorge santiago

Week 1 - Explore Character Animator

What an interesting software.

It wasn't that hard to use, but not as intuitive as Premiere or After Effects. Still had a lot of fun with it. Opted to download a character animation called Scribbles​. It's not as robust as the default ones but I wanted something fun and personal. I moved his x and y position and scaled him as well.

I put the script together first and added a red background so the video would show. Was a little disappointed I couldn't change the background. I guess I assumed you could customize the background. Was also disappointed I couldn't cut and edit the content around the page as easy as you would in the Premiere timeline. Still, I'm looking forward to playing with it some more.

Week 2 - Character Adaptation

​This was a fun assignment but I was a bit thrown off when the Chloe character opened in Photoshop instead of Illustrator. I was also surprised that I couldn't move Chloe's hands anymore.

Still, I changed my character to a Pokemon dude with blonde hair and a Pokemon hat and shirt in a Pokemon stadium background.

I also made another version with my own custom character through Characterizer. Was surprised that I was able to use the same audio with no problem.

Characterizer capture

Looking forward to more experimentation.

Week 3 - Create your own puppet

This was incredibly fun. I took a drawing my friend had sketched up back in the late 80's, scanned it, opened it in Illustrator and traced it.

Original Drawing and Illustration

I took some liberties at colorizing the drawing. Used Chloe's mouth and added a backdrop I found online. I decided to make 2 versions, 1 with music and 1 without. I'm more partial to the one with music.

Version 1

I used the Kid Icarus theme intro and edited it in Audition to duck the volume. Was surprised I couldn't manipulate audio in Character Animator.

Version 2

Oh yeah, had to trim the excess content in Quicktime since I forgot to use the barely noticeable grey bar in the timeline to designate the length of a video.​

Version 3 (After Feedback)

Reduced the audio further (ducking).

Week 4 - My new features

This one was probably one of the more complicated ones for me. Had a lot of issues working on the rig.

Had to go back and isolate a lot of components from my Illustrator file. In the end, not a huge fan of how my arm looks, but I did like the dangly hair and creating the trigger. Did not do any embellishments, but I certainly worked a lot on the rig and making sure all the components were attached correctly.​

The infamous hair dangle incident. Took me well over an hour to figure out I needed to make the dangle independent (set crown icon in RIG) in order for the hair dangle to work without distorting my face.

LEFT - Dangle layer independent in rig. RIGHT - without layer independent (distorted face)

Week 5 - Character Interview

​So much fun. I'm so glad I waited a bit to finish this assignment. I was a little concerned that it would end up looking too similar to week 4 assignment.

I opted to go with the Adobe Rush editing approach. I did the interview questions with Quicktime Pro. The last bit was a little over exposed, but I still went with it.

Edited the title sequence in Photoshop. Wish I was able to edit some of the other titles. I attempted the one with the blue box but it wouldn't let me change the colors. I mean, it did, but the changes weren't reflected on the screen. (shrug)

I used a few transitions mostly dip to black and 1 cross dissolve. Added background music and ducked the sound. Added a title and credits sequence.

And for Character animator I added a trigger swap with the bow and the 5 arrows shooting in succession. Which, in reality I wanted it to be an arrow that traveled across the screen, but not quite sure how to do that.

This was an excellent course. Learned a lot about animation and working across multiple editing platforms. Hope there is an intermediate course in the works.

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