Child Labor

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This picture shows children that were working in a coal mine. This is how child labor looks like. Child labor needs to stop because children need to go to school to get an education instead of working. Child labor began when factory owners viewed children as more manageable, cheaper, and less likely to strike.

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Child Labor still is a thing today even though it is illegal. Most children start child labor by poverty, limited access to education, repression of working rights, and limited prohibitions on child labor. Effects of child labor can leave the child injured from the hard work, need medical attention, are mentally injured such as suffering traumatic effects, social effects, or being isolated. This proves that child labor is not right and needs to be stop. many people are against child labor such as Charles Dickens, he was a victim of child labor. Charles Dickens was a author so in some of his novels were against child labor because of these books some people banned his books and him.

These places that the children work at have terrible conditions such as the lack of clean water, hand-washing facilities, toilets, and working near sharp objects which may cause harm. In the 1900, 18 percent of all American workers were the under the age of 16. In southern cotton mills, 25 percent of the employees were below the age of fifteen, with half of these children below age twelve.

"Over 100 million children around the world work in hazardous conditions in agriculture, mining, domestic labor, and other sectors. On tobacco farms, children work long hours in extreme heat, exposed to nicotine and toxic pesticides that can make them sick. In Africa, Asia, and Latin America, child laborers in artisanal and small-scale gold mines work underground in pits that easily collapse and use toxic mercury to process the gold, risking brain damage and other serious health conditions. We are working to end the worst forms of child labor and to ensure that all children are protected from jobs that interfere with their health, safety, and education." (

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