Argentina Buenos airEs

Traditional Argentina clothes include gaucho clothes for males and brightly colored embellished dresses for women. Of all the traditional costumes of Argentina, gaucho clothes are the most well known. In contemporary Argentina, however, the dress is very similar to what one might expect to see in the United States.

The general part of central Argentina, enjoys a moderate climate with hot, humid summers and cool, dry winters.

The flag of Argentina is a triband, composed of three equally wide horizontal bands colored light blue, and white. There are multiple interpretations on the reasons for those colors. The flag was created by Manuel Belgrano

Dulce de leche, a popular national spread used to fill cakes and pancakes, eaten over toast, and as an ice cream flavor. Boxed Empanadas.

41.45 million (2013) is the population in 2013. And on the graph goes up to 2010.

Argentine peso is the type of money used in Argentina.

Government: Presidential system, Federal republic, Constitutional republic, Representative democracy, Republic. President: Mauricio Macri.

The Spanish, led by Juan Díaz de Solís, visited the territory which is now Argentina in 1516. In 1536 Pedro de Mendoza established a small settlement at the modern location of Buenos Aires, which was abandoned in 1541. The capital city of Argentina, Buenos Aires (meaning “fair winds”), was founded by the Spanish in the 16th century. In 1810, its people rose up against Spanish rule, gaining their independence in 1816.

Although Argentina's official language is Spanish, Argentinian Spanish is different from the Spanish spoken in Spain. In some ways it sounds more like Italian than Spanish. There are also many other languages spoken in Argentina, including Italian, German, English and French.

Christianity is the largest religion in Argentina. Estimates for the number of Roman Catholics vary from 70% of the population.

Map of Argentina, and lands around Argentina.


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