What does it take for someone to change the world? By Zoe

changing the world requires failure

WHEN YOU FAIL YOU LEARN SO FAILING IS GOOD,the person from project moonshot said that you should kill a project if it fails,costs to much money and other things like, that but only if your almost 1oo% sure that its not going to succeed.

changing the world requires effort

if you don't put effort into something you're probably going to fail.

all accomplished and successful people accomplished and succeeded in what they were trying to do by putting effort into it.

changing the world requires commitment

Commitment means sticking to your goals

I interviewed my dad and he said that he thinks changing the world requires imagination,bravery and commitment

Changing the world requires persistence

persistence means never gives up

-Elon musk never gave up so he is persistant

This is a video about changing the world.

Almost anyone can change the world

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