Motte and bailey castles Lewis hannam


Thousands of years ago motte and bailey castles were made by the Normans. William the conquer and his 7000 troops dicided to invade England, and brought ofer 3 ready-made castles. Many more castles were construted quickly, to protect the Normans from England.


There were a lot of defensive features in a motte and bailey castle. There are things like the motte and the moat the moat was dug up all around the bailey and the keep and filled up with water. The motte is the dug up earth to construct a huge mound of earth to make it harder for the enimies to climb up. Mostly there is a keep on top the motte which is a look out tower for the knights to protect there property.Arrow loops are little slits in the wall of the castle so it is easier for knights to fire arrows.A palisade is the outer wall to protect the bailey. The drawbrige is good for defence it open and closes it opens for people and closes if enimies try to get over. Murder holes are little holes on the roof on the gatehouse so the knights can pour something on their enimies.


Motte and bailey castles were built everywhere but they where construted out of wood.Wood was to week and could burn easily so they decided to start building castles out of stone. Crenalations are the parts of stone that were to protect the knights.The bailey is a little village at the bottom of the motte all the huts made out of wood and straw for the roof. The gatehouse was the house that's by the drawbrige it has features like murder holes and knights inside and on top too.A drawbrige was built to open and close for people to come in. The keep is a giant tower to spot anybody approaching that was built swiftly and quickly.

Everyday life

There were lots of jobs in a castle like the ditches who dug up all the moat and put the motte together. There was a lot of entertainment in the castle like games and chess was popular with knights ,because it was a war game and chess pieces were often made of bone or ivory and were beautifully carved they also played marbles. The constable were the people who was responstable for its security who also lived with his family. Carpenters was the people who chopped all the wood and put it together for parts of the castle. The masons did building and repairs work, when required. Throughout the golden age of castles dancing was important and popular past time. They had a dancing and also music. They played tennis but the palm of their hand was used to hit the ball. A crocodile and a monkey join actors jesters and musicians. Two friends pull strings to make toy soldiers fight.

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