Fresco By: sydney lee

My artwork is a fresco that looks like snowflakes or a winter storm. The subject matter is supposed to be nature with winter and different colors. The elements that are most obvious in my artwork is the purple, blue, ad swirls. The media that my artwork is made from is water color, and metallic water color. We also used varnish to make the Fresco more glossy.

My artwork wasn't inspired by anyone or anything. For my piece I just mixed colors and made it my own way. The emotions that I tried showing in my artwork is happiness. Snow sometimes is very pretty and calming and makes people happy.

My goals as an artist is to try your best and make your artwork the way you want. I think this piece made me reach my goals. I thought of what I wanted it to look like and it turned out the way I wanted my art piece to turn out.

I learned that by creating a fresco the water paint will sink into the project and absorb it. The final piece is what I imagined because I wanted it to look like a winter wonderland or a snowstorm. And it turned out the way I wanted it to. This piece will influence me to make more fresco's like this with more colors.

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