This week I have been off for Easter so I didn't do as much as i planned because before writing the plan I didn't look at the dates that we would be off school. However I still managed to make some progress, I managed to get my boss to be fully animated this week.

To start off the week I drew the first phase of my boss, that included every frame of animation I wanted to be added. After doing every frame of the first phase as well as the static body of the boss. I imported all of the graphics to unreal and made the frames of animation into flipbooks so they would play in order from first to last frame, flipbooks also determining how quick the animation is which I changed to make the frames look as realistic as possible. Something I would have changed about this process after going though it would be to make sure the frames of animation didn't overlap with the main body of the boss, because I had times when putting it all together that I realised I had made the body too large.

I decided to create after doing the first phase that the second phase could have slightly different animations to help show to the player that there are two phases of the boss as well as they they're progressing though the fight. These new animations I added for the second boss focused around making the boss look weaker and more injured. for this phase I did learn from my mistakes and avoided making the body of the boss to large and had it overlap with animated areas.

Boss animations for both First and second phase

Now so far I have 3 levels that have all art designed for them as well ass a functioning boss with working animations and mechanics. For the next few weeks I will be working on my Hub levels, I was meant to start that this week but due to technical limitations with my pc I couldn't begin level design with unreal due to its consistency with crashing,

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