principal's address

Dear Parents and Guardians,

In Week 1 this term we held Blue Day in conjunction with Education Support Centre, raising over $1,100.00 which was donated to the Autism Association of WA. Well done Lou Phil-Franceschini from ESC who organised the event and thank you to all staff and students who assisted and supported Blue Day.

Week 2 saw us celebrating Book Week. Thank you to Chris Steel and the Library staff for organising the week and the wonderful displays in the Library (yet again). We saw some great costumes around the school, with some staff members going all out. I hope you all appreciated my costume as the grumpy headmaster.

Also in Week 2 this term we farewelled our Year 12 students at the Final Assembly, followed by a Luncheon at the Hyatt Regency. Due to current restrictions, numbers were reduced at the Assembly which consisted of Parents and Guardians, staff, the school councillors, Year 7s, Year 11s and of course, our guests of honour, the Year 12s. This was the first cohort at Leeming SHS who have spent six years at high school, starting in 2015 as Year 7s.

To the Year 12s: During these years, you have encountered a wide range of emotions and have completed a mountain of work. You have had an unusual, disrupted, uncertain final year, but at the end of it all, you made it to the finish line with great achievements. I hope you are leaving us with fond memories and a strong foundation on which to walk into your future with. I am honoured to say that our staff, your teachers, are proud of your many achievements over the years, of this cohort’s kind spirit and your ability to support your peers in such a strong manner. So stand tall and be proud as we say “Goodbye and Good Luck Class of 2020.”

On Wednesday 28 October, we welcomed a visit from the Education Minister, Hon Sue Ellery. We were honoured to have the Minister join us and take a tour of the school and at areas needing upgrades. As previously advised, the government announced that Leeming SHS would be receiving $2.1 million for refurbishments at our school. These funds will be used to give our science labs a much needed facelift, upgrade visual art rooms and to expand the size of English Central. We are working towards having science labs 1 and 2 refurbished over the Christmas school holidays. I will keep you informed as we progress.

A big thank you to the P&C committee who met on Wednesday 28 October and voted to sponsor towards the Chaplaincy Service. Our Chaplaincy Service is a valuable commodity at Leeming SHS with Bettina Carter and Carl Hough on hand to listen to our students and assist with their emotional wellness. They are constantly working hard to find the best ways to assist our students and their families in times of need.

The P&C also agreed to donate towards the Leadership Camp in December, where our Leadership Group can get to know each other and start planning for the year ahead.

And finally, in the upcoming weeks we have several year groups sitting exams. I would encourage you all to study hard, but not at every waking moment. Take some time out and recharge. Good luck to you all.

Mr B. Wallwork, Principal


Dates to remember


BOOK WEEK in the library


During book week this year, the Library had displays and activities happening each day to celebrate and encourage reading. The main book that inspired the displays was 'Where the Wild Things Are'. We had a lovely boat with Max sailing to meet the Wild Things, who were hanging from the branches.


Library staff and teachers dressed as different characters each day, helping to stimulate discussions about characters and books.

Staff and students dressed up as their favourite book character and were invited to the Library at recess on Friday to join in the fun with some yummy treats, snacks and prizes for the best costumes. There were a lot of amazing outfits worn by both students and staff. Mr Mancini was a particularly scary Christmas Grinch. Our resident mannequin was dressed in the Leeming SHS uniform watching all the activities and we had some fun and adding Mr Welsh’s face to it.


We ran a Book Fair on the Tuesday and Wednesday of Book Week. Students enjoyed browsing and buying books and gifts to take home. We also had a few parents come after school to grab some bargains.


Students were given the Book Week theme to create a Lego masterpiece. The creations were fantastic with Cooper C. (Year 7) winning first prize.


Students entered the quiz with the winner being Justice M. and second place was Lizzie H. (Year 7)


The students thoroughly enjoyed watching Jumanji while munching on popcorn.


On Thursday, the staff had some fun and came dressed as Wally or in red and white. They then enjoyed a Where’s Wally – Red & White themed morning tea.

Overall, a successful week with lots of interest from the students and staff.

Chess Club

A huge congratulations to the Leeming Chess Club for winning second place in the State Interschool Chess Finals.

Once again, the games were played online and the boys showed their incredible adaptability to the game.

Well done - Bring on Nationals!

Ms C. Steel, Teacher Librarian

Physical Education & Health Education

Year 12 Sea Trek 2020

The Year 12 Sea Trek is the culmination of two years of the Certificate II Course in Outdoor Recreation. The boating focus enables students to gain their Recreational Skippers Ticket and learn to sail in GP 14 training vessels through our relationship with the Marine Education Boatshed in East Fremantle.

While students were finalizing skills and being assessed on the camp there was still time to enjoy the unique experience. Throughout the three days all skills and activities contributed to points for the title of Top Boat. The highlight event was the sailing regatta where each person had to sail a lap of the course and compete against all other boats.

After three days of competition the crew of Alicia H., Michaela H., Tyler S. and Jaimee Y. finished as the “Top Crew”.

A special thanks to Riley and Rod from the Boatshed for making it a wonderful memory for the Year 12 Outdoor Recreation students at Leeming SHS.

Mr S. Ellis, Sports Teacher

Problem solving during lunch break!

Students across different year groups, particularly Year 8s, are using the tactile geometrical game “Rubik’s Cube” to develop 21st century skills such as focus, following direction, problem solving, sequencing and perseverance.

The year 12s having a go with the Rubik's Cube
Australian Maths Competition

It is a pleasure to share the results of the "Australian Maths Competition" with the community. This year we had 174 students participate in this annual competition, with students in Lower School doing their assessment on their devices. All students did well, however, special congratulations to Lechen (Leo) W. who won the prize again this year. A prize is generally awarded to no more than one student for every 300 students within the region and year group. Leo is a bright student who has been actively engaged in maths enrichment activities. He has not only won the prestigious prize in AMC, but was invited to participate in the "Australian Maths Olympiads" as well. To his credit, Leo won the Bronze Award and an Honourable mention for his entry in the Olympiad.

There were 3 High distinctions and an enormous number of 54 Distinctions (up from 30 last year). Congratulations to all the winners!

List of winners:

Best in School: Leo W.

High Distinctions: Year 7 Kai Wey T.,Year 10 Kai Ling T. and Year 11 Emma van D.

High Distinction Winners and Best in School

Top Students in Australian Maths Competition

The Science and Technology Academy

An approved specialist program

STA Aviation Program

Year 8 and 9 STA members will be participating in a short Aviation Program taking place in Week 4 of this term. The program is as follows:

Aviation Program

This program is an opportunity for students to learn more about Aviation Studies here at Leeming SHS, learn a little about the Science of flight and experience flight with the flight simulators.

Students trying the Flight Simulator

The presentations from our guests Ms Tait from Morley SHS and Mr Rousset, a commercial pilot, will provide students with insights into career opportunities in Aviation, the work of a commercial pilot and the content covered in the ATAR and General Aviation courses offered in Year 11 and 12 here at Leeming SHS.

This Science After School Program is the last opportunity for students to gain valuable STA points ahead of the STA awards presented at the final assembly.

Astronomy Camp

The Year 9 Astronomy Camp usually takes place towards the end of March each year. Unfortunately, the camp had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 shut down. We have been able to reschedule the trip to take place on 12-13 November this term. On Day One we will visit Yanchep National Park and take a tour of the caves, under the guidance of the educational officer. This is followed by an Aboriginal cultural experience where students learn about the importance of the natural environment and the significance of Yanchep National Parks in Aboriginal culture.

This year we will be staying overnight at the Yanchep Inn. In the evening we will take our first visit to the Gravity Discovery Centre Observatory to take a tour of the night sky and view planets and constellations of stars through the powerful telescopes. The following day we return to the Gravity Discover Centre to explore the exhibits and learn about gravity from the top of the Leaning Tower of Gingin, gravity waves and pendulums.

The Leaning Tower of Gingin at the Gravity Discovery Centre
STEM Literacy Challenge

STA members are encouraged to participate in the STEM literacy challenge to develop their broader interest in STEM and earn valuable STA points! Students can find all the information and templates to complete Science news articles on connect. Scrap books or folders should be submitted by the end of Week 8 for the award of STA points.

Dr E. Janes, Science and Technology Academy Coordinator



Matagarup Bridge
Planning Sustainable Places

Viewed from the Matagarup Suspension Bridge, the City of Perth spread out before the Year 12 Geography students embarking on their Planning Sustainable Places excursion. Over the river and through the gentrification of East Perth, towards the inertia of St George’s Cathedral and onward to the entertainment invasion of Northbridge, students found their Geography concepts come to life around them. Viewed from a geographic perspective, the students saw the city’s past intertwined with its present along with glimpses of a sustainable future.

London Court

The excursion left the students with weary feet, but minds energised with the knowledge of what is possible when geographical understandings inform sustainability planning.

Economics Incursion

It was with excitement and anticipation, that the Leeming Year 12 students awaited Steven Kemp, co-author of the Year 12 Economics Textbook and past chief examiner for the WACE Exams. Impressed by his extensive knowledge in the world of Economics, students appreciated they were extremely lucky to have him visit Leeming SHS. Their expectations were duly rewarded with an insightful presentation on the current State of the Economy in this strangest of years, 2020, and how this links in with the Economics Course in preparation for their Year 12 Exams.

Psychology Star

Who could possibly follow a lunchtime concert performed by the teacher's own band? Enter: the up and coming Kate James, psychology researcher, practicing psychotherapist and all-round awesome psychologist, that Year 11 students were pleased to welcome to our Psychology classroom. After the invigorating lunchtime concert, Kate demonstrated the prodigious power of mindfulness training to settle and refocus the adolescent mind, which is likely to prove a tremendously helpful technique for our students. Thus primed and ready, students were fascinated to hear about Kate’s ground-breaking research using hypnotherapy to alleviate the suffering of 3rd degree burns patients with opiate allergies.

They were likewise interested in the day-to-day help a practicing psychologist can provide in treating and boosting mental health. With her engaging and personal communication style and wealth of experience and insights, Kate’s visit was certainly inspirational.

University Success

Passionate HASS students Holly H. and Chloe A. got a taste of University life as they represented Leeming SHS with distinction at Murdoch University Outreach’s HASS Day. After attending real university lectures on Criminology and Law, their critical thinking skills were extended through activities such as investigating “crime” scenes and examining the staging of crimes. They particularly excelled in the Business stream, with their start up mechanical enterprise taking out second place in the Business competition. They wrapped up the day with a discussion on Game Theory and Holly winning the Ultimate Quiz!

Holly H. and Chloe A.
Career Communication

As communication is vital to so many careers, an unusual activity was embraced by our Careers and Enterprise students who were willing to do whatever it takes to build their skills. From blindfolded drawing and team shape making with ropes guided only by a team member’s voice, there were certainly communication challenges. Happily, Career and Enterprise students were willing and able, and communication with both words and laughter won the day.

Meet the MLA

Mr Yaz Mubarakai, MLA, Leeming’s representative in the Legislative Assembly, has rarely faced a tougher press grilling than the Leeming SHS Year 9s. However, his considered answers and good-natured attitude helped to win, if not all their future votes, then certainly the respect of these up and coming political participants. Tackling tricky questions about government policy, colleagues, and even political “rivals”, Mr Mubarakai spoke earnestly about how working in his post office introduced him to all sorts of people, and listening to them taught him to value diversity of opinion. He explained how as a politician he likes to work with opposition members on parliamentary committees where both sides can try together to get the best outcome for everyone. As he spoke of the challenges this year has brought, the students agreed that seeking areas of agreement and working together seems especially important for us all and thanked both him for his contribution, and Mr Lee for organising such an interesting event.

Ms R. Murray, HASS Teacher



Japanese Studies 日本語がくぶ

Letters from Japan

As part of the Online Japanese Exchange Program, our students have been exchanging letters with our sister school in Hiroshima. Recently, we received reply letters from them. The letters are written in both English and Japanese, providing students with an excellent opportunity to improve their Japanese reading skills, whilst learning more about their buddy.

Calligraphy Competition Winner

Congratulations to Kai Wey T. for winning the 2020 JLTAWA Calligraphy Competition! Kai Wey's calligraphy was awarded the best entry out of all of the Year 7 competitors. Her calligraphy is currently on display at Hyogo Prefectural Government Cultural Centre in Tuart Hill. Congratulations! おめでとう!

Olympic Mascot Challenge

Our Year 10 Japanese students have been learning about the Tokyo Olympics. The Olympics were scheduled to take place in Tokyo in July/August of this year, but has been postponed until 2021. Students learned about the history of the Olympics in Japan and the Tokyo 2020 mascots. Their culminating task was to design a mascot for their chosen country and describe it in Japanese. I think we can all agree that their mascot designs were very unique and creative!


This Semester, the Year 11 Japanese students are learning about the Japanese diet. As part of this topic, students translated a variety of recipes from Japanese into English. To celebrate the end of the topic, students made Okonomiyaki (おこのみやき). An おこのみやき is a Japanese savoury pancake. The name translates to “cooked the way you like”, which refers to the fact that you can add whatever ingredients you wish to the base mixture of cabbage, flour, eggs and water. The dish got the tick of approval from our students. Follow the recipe below if you would like to try making おこのみやき at home!

Kana Belt Recipients

One of the biggest hurdles for learners of Japanese is mastering the written script. The Kana Belts program is a self-paced program where students are assessed on their ability to read words of increasing difficulty in Japanese. This term, we are pleased to add an additional two students to the Hiragana Hall of Fame.

Congratulations Corbyn H. & Lily J.

In addition to the students who have mastered Hiragana, we have another Year 7 student who has self-taught themselves the Katakana alphabet, and have earned her Katakana Belts. This is an impressive achievement. おめでとう - Congratulations - to Lily!

Ms S. Burrows, Japanese Specialist Coordinator


French Studies - Connaissances françaises

Chez Pierre

In Week One of this term, the French Upper School students had the opportunity, with their teachers and native speaker Carole, to experience true French fine dining at the restaurant Chez Pierre. Through this experience the students got to practice their French speaking skills while ordering their food and drink and also to tried some truly French specialities, including escargots and the famous desserts crème brûlée or Paris-Brest. What a great way to start the term and to farewell our Year 12 French ATAR students. And for an added surprise, Mme Carroll, former French teacher, also joined us for this experience.

Year 10 at Chez Pierre
Chez Pierre Year 11-12 ATAR
Poem Competition

At the last newsletter we left our Leeming SHS finalists waiting for the announcement of the results for the Alliance Française de Perth Poem Recitation competition. Mme Robert and Mme Spears were on site on the day to support their students and catch some snaps. The students were quite nervous while waiting their turn but were all relieved and happy after they recited their poems in front of the judging panel. They all did great and admitted that they will now remember their poems forever.

Year 10s Yr 9s & Yr 8s

As for the results, we are ever so pleased to announce that our Year 8 student Parthena R. placed 3rd for her year level across all participating schools in Western Australia. Parthena must have demonstrated great eloquence in front of the panel to have obtained these results. She attended the award ceremony at Alliance Française de Perth and took away her award.

Congratulations Parthena R.
Science Week

For the occasion of Science week, students in Years 7 and 8 had a lesson dedicated to Science in the French world. We looked at the place of France in Science based on the level of contribution in the Scientific knowledge from French scientists. We looked at how French Science placed in the world of Science and the contribution of their scientists to scientific knowledge. The students then had the task to research a French scientist and create a one-page article about their chosen scientist. They had to include information such as name, date of birth, where they lived, their family, their field of study and any achievements or prizes awarded to them, such as Nobel Prize. Below are some of the posters that are on display in our main French classroom, created by the students.

Ms F. Spears and Ms M. Robert, French Teachers

Fast Fresh Foods

Year 8 students have been working on producing healthy lunchboxes in the Fast, Fresh Foods class.

Below are photos of the Fun Foods class producing a petite food item that could be sold in a French Patisserie.

Bacon & Cheese Souffles, Profiteroles, Eclairs & Financier (a Small French Almond)


The Car Story

The young man was sitting with his grandfather and he said ”I have an old car in the shed ...and I am going to give it to you.

But before I give it to you, I want you to take it to the used car lot downtown and tell them I want to sell it and see how much they offer you.

The Grandson went to the used car lot, returned to his Grandfather and said, "They offered me $1000 because it looks very old and worn out."

The Grandfather said, "Take it to the pawn shop."

The Grandson went to the pawn shop, returned to his grandfather and said, "The pawn shop offered $100 because it was a very old car and dirty."

The grandfather asked his grandson to go to a car club and show them the car.

1971 XY GT

The grandson took the car to the club, returned and told his grandfather: “Some people in the club offered me over a $100,000 for it, since it is a Ford XY GT iconic car and sought after by many."

The Grandfather said to his Grandson, "I wanted you to know that the right place values you the right way."

If you are not valued, do not be angry, it means that you are in the wrong place. Those who know your value are those who appreciate you. Never stay in a place where no one sees your value.

Mr C. Hough, Chaplain

CHAPLAINS CHAT - Bettina Carter


Listen Well

We all need to be better listeners as we all can get caught up in the rush of life and don’t slow down enough to really listen to those who are talking to you. We get used to the quick style of communication that we do on line and need to remember that face to face communication is not like that.

This week, whenever you are in conversation with someone, give them 100% of your attention. Don’t interrupt and don’t think of how you might respond until after they have finished speaking. It’s amazing the difference the quality of your listening will make to the conversations you are having. Relationships are something to be treasured and as humans we are indeed relational beings. Let us honour each other with amazing listening, and then we will be better equipped to respond in a more caring and understanding manner.

Please take the time to read this information below.

Relationships - The four components

Love the most enduring. Includes care, commitment, kindness, affection, service, generosity, compassion.

Trust the most fragile. Once damaged it takes a long while to rebuild. Includes confidence, loyalty, honesty, faithfulness, reliability, consistency.

Respect the most neglected. Includes honour, regard, recognition, acknowledgement of a person's worth.

Intimacy (understanding), the longest to build. Includes knowledge, empathy, listening, openness, sharing of feelings, self-disclosure, insight, no secrets.

Tom Marshall

Ms B. Carter, Chaplain Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

Our next Newsletter will be published in Term 4, Week 10, 2020.


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