The Cucuy

El Cucuy is a Mexican horror folktale for children who don't behave. The way my family described him is weird, that he has red eyes with blood tears, razor sharp teeth, long hands with pointy nails, and he's like 7 feet tall. Always scared me.

I remember just abut of the story because I haven't heard it in a minute. Well, my grandma and my mom always said that if I don't behave the Cucuy will come get me. At first, when I didn't know what it meant, it was whatever. Till one night me and my brother wouldn't listen so when we tried going to sleep, there was tapping and knocking and banging around the walls of the house. Now, learning it was my grandma going to extreme lengths to scare us, I hate sleeping at her house.

Sadly, when I'm home alone and hear a noise in the house, I'm outta there like...

My grandma usually pressed the story on me and my siblings rather than my parents. She would literally tell the story and have my mom hide in the kitchen and drop something to scare us. She mostly uses the tapping on the walls to symbolize that "he's here".

I think the meaning of the story was just to get kids to behave. Although scaring isn't always the best tactic to use.

Also, passing it on is a great way to not only keep the story going but, keeping the culture strong as well.


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