My Favorite Movie ... And my least favorite

My favorite movie is Catch Me If You Can starring Leonardo Dicaprio and Tom Hanks.

Leonardo Dicaprio plays a young man named Frank Abangle Jr. Abangle poses as a pilot, a doctor and a lawyer in order to collect checks which he can then change the amounts on in order to cash in for more money. He does this all across the country defrauding banks for millions of dollars.

Tom Hanks plays a bank fraud investigator named Carl Hanratty who is given the task of tracking down and arresting Frank Abangle. He goes after him for years, and gets extremely close to catching him a few times. Hence the title of the movie, "Catch me if you can".

Eventually, Hanratty is able to catch Frank Abangle and put him in prison. However, he sees him as a good kid and asks if he would be willing to come work for him in order to help catch those attempting to further defraud banks. Abangle agrees and does not serve his prison time.

This is my favorite movie for a few reasons. First, the acting in it is exceptional. Also, the plot moves at a very fast pace and always keeps the audience interested in what is going on in the movie. In addition, it is a true story which even further adds to the credibility of the movie and the enjoyment of the audience.

My least favorite movie is fences. Fences takes place in Pittsburg, where a sanitation worker lives in a low income area with his wife and son. The main character, Troy Maxson(played by Denzel Washington) believes he missed his chance to play professional baseball because of his race and takes it out on his son by telling him he cant play college football.

Later in the movie, the audience finds out that Maxson has been in an affair with another woman and got her pregnant. She has the baby, but dies during childbirth leaving Maxson as the sole relative of the child. Maxson's wife Rose agrees to raise the baby, but tells him he is now, "Womanless".

Fences ends with Maxson passing away and cuts to the day of his funeral. His son still has a lot of anger towards his father and doesn't even want to attend his funeral. His mother tells him that this is ridiculous and that even though Troy had a few hangups, he was a good man. Also, without him she would not have her two children who she loves so much, showing that everything happens for a reason.

This is my least favorite movie because of the lack of plot. So little happens during it, and it is so long that you often find yourself questioning the whole point of the movie. While the acting was actually very good, it was in no way enjoyable to watch.

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