Drawing By Veronica G. / Tarry T.

science is a part of Drawing...

We wouldn't be able to draw very detailed pictures without thinking and functioning our brain to create an image to draw right?
Science is part of drawing!!!!

Science is a part of drawing. You see we wouldn't be able to draw if we weren't thinking about what we are going to draw, and giving our body orders. Like for example when we move our hand to draw a certain stroke, our body didn't just do that our brain tells our body to do that.

Created By
Veronica Gonzalez


Created with images by Image Editor - "SonyBraviaColor01" • CircaSassy - "A tramp abroad illustrated by W. Fr. Brown, True Williams, B. Day and other artists--with also three or four pictures made by the author of this book without outside help; in all three hundred and fourteen illustrations (1885)" • Karen Roe - "The Making of Harry Potter 29-05-2012"

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