Botswana Wonderful wildlife

Botswana's north is a myriad of wetlands, even at the end of the dry season there are channels of water that spread across the famous Okavanga delta and Selinda spillway, The grasslands that are sustained by this system are home to a wide variety of spectacular wildlife.

The Okavango

Rains fall in the Angolan mountains during the wet season. The waters move inland and become the Okavango River which never makes it to the ocean. The waters spread out to form the wetlands of northern Botswana, and simply evaporates in the tropical heat. This is the Okavango delta.

Red Lechwe are the predominant grazer on the grasslands of the delta.

This dominant male was returning to Jao Reserve after an absence of a few months. He was seeking out his pride.

Strong and agile, lionesses use the long grass as cover when hunting.

The Okavango supports open grasslands, woodlands and wetlands. Thus diversity of habitats supports an abundance and variety of life.

The greater kudu thrives in the lush vegetation... But the flies are annoying!

Zebra stick to the more open grassy plains, where they can move quickly and freely.

Northern Botswana is hot for much of the year, the wetlands provide a welcome relief and the mud acts as a sunscreen.

Hippopotamus have very soft skin, they keep it out of the sun during the day by staying in water. They emerge to graze by night.

The wetlands also harbour a myriad of beautiful birds. This malachite kingfisher is on the lookout of small fish in the channel below.

Selinda Spliiway

Dominated by a private wildlife sanctuary, the Selinda Reserve, the Selinda spillway links the Okavango delta with the Linyanti and Kwando wetlands and rivers during big wet seasons. The grasslands and floodplains attract exceptional populations of grazers and their predators.

African wild dog roam the Selinda Reserve, hunting in packs of up to twenty.

Hyena follow the wild dogs, hoping to benefit from the hunt.

The woodlands of Selinda Reserve provide an ideal habitat for leopard.

The Selinda pride consists of well over 20 lions. This pride has adapted to living in a wet environment, they have even been known to swim.

The Selinda pride is very successful and is bringing up a healthy next generation.

Large and intimidating, the Selinda adult makes don't live the the main pride but roam their domain together as a "coalition".

Warthog love the damp ground close to the spillway.
Selinda sunsets are spectacular.


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