Its been an exciting few weeks for Ormskirk Sixth Form since our last update on the blog and we can only hope this continues for the rest of the year. Reflecting back, we seem to have spread further away from the gates of Sixth Form in this past half term and indeed, we have stories to tell from our journeys outside of the college.

We also thought this weeks blog would be a good opportunity to introduce you to some of the teachers behind the running of our sixth form and ask them a few questions which we're sure they enjoyed!

With everyone settling in to their studies in this second half term, it's been a progressive yet occasionally stressful time for us all but nevertheless, here we are with all the things we've been up to outside the classroom, in and around Sixth Form...

Here, we will be able to share photos, stories, videos, events and much more that reflect our time at sixth form, updating you each half term. Enjoy!



Q: If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

"Fly, I don’t drive so it would be handy"

Q: Favourite TV show at the moment?

"I am really getting engrossed with The Missing at the moment, although I am a couple of episodes behind so will be catching up this weekend"

Q: Would you rather live on the moon or at the bottom of the ocean?

"The moon, I hate getting my face wet when I go swimming!"

Q: Favourite chocolate bar?

"Chocolate is my weakness, I really like a bounty from the fridge though"

Q: Where is the best place you've been to and why?

"Argentina in 2015, my husband was representing Great Britain at the World Transplant Games. It was fantastic meeting people from all over the world as well as old friends. Of course it helped that he won three medals and he could share this success with me and our children"


Q: If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

"Time travel - bit obvious?"

Q: Favourite TV show at the moment?

"US series The Newsroom - just discovered it and it is Sorkin so it is brilliant writing"

Q: Would you rather live on the moon or at the bottom of the ocean?

"Moon - I would like to experience zero gravity!"

Q: Favourite chocolate bar?

"Double Decker"

Q: Where is the best place you've been to and why?

"New York - top of the Empire State Building when it is cold and dark and you can see the lights of the city spread out in front of you - awe inspiring!!"


Q: If you could have any superpower, what would it be?


Q: Favourite TV show at the moment?

"I'm a Celeb"

Q: Would you rather live on the moon or at the bottom of the ocean?

"On the moon"

Q: Favourite chocolate bar?

"Double Decker"

Q: Where is the best place you've been to and why?

"Iceland as I was lucky enough to see the Northern Lights"


Every year, the school holds our Careers Evening event in which pupils from both the sixth form college and main school can attend in the hope of finding the right career path for them or finding out more information on a career path they have chosen. Particularly for us sixth form students, this is a key night in the school calendar for us to start planning out our future and making important choices for our lives outside of college as we come to the end of our time here at Ormskirk School.

On Thursday night, pupils were able to access an incredible amount of information about careers, universities and apprenticeships too. It was so useful for us to start piecing together ideas about what we want our future to look like and was a great opportunity for us all to grab.

As well as this, our own sixth form students were there in the background, eager to help out Mrs Hayes with a number of different tasks such as, helping to park cars and talking to those students and parents who had attended the evening too!


Friday 11th November saw the whole school and sixth form participate in Wider World Day where the whole day was full of different and exciting activities to broaden our cultural minds and delve into that of the African culture. Drumming, dancing, singing, cooking, debating - you name it! The school buzzed with the excitement of experiencing something new (and the excitement of being off timetable all day!). It was just as joyous for us sixth formers as well, who got the pleasure of helping out in different form groups, following them with the activities they had scheduled on the day. Not only did it give us a chance to learn about the culture ourselves, but it helped us all to show our involvement in the school as older role models and mentors for those in the years below.


Here are just a few snapshots from our adventure to London...

"The London Trip was an amazing way for us to spend Parliament Week. My favourite part has to have been the visit to Bank of England, it was so interesting to hear perspectives from actual economists and lawyers from the bank itself about what role they play in the economy." - Hannah Richardson, Year 12
"The trip to London was really good because it allowed me to see all the parts of London that I wouldn't usually get to see if I had gone myself. My favourite part of the trip was touring the Houses of Parliament as it gave me a great insight into the political decisions of our country." - Francesca Lord, Year 12
"On the trip I learnt lots about how political decisions are made. With a tour of Parliament and the Supreme Court, the trip has made me even more intrigued of pursuing Politics as a potential career in the future. I also enjoyed the Jack the Ripper tour around Whitechapel, able to see where the murders took place. Overall the trip was fantastic as I learnt lots and had a great time." - Samantha Riella, Year 13
"We did so much in London, it was a whirlwind of a trip! Seeing Buckingham Palace, Downing Street and visiting the London Dungeons were amazing but getting to visit the archives in the Bank of England was also very interesting for me personally. Visiting London helped me to learn a lot about the history and politics of our country." - Hannah Harrison, Year 12
"I absolutely loved our trip to London! Speaking to Rosie Cooper, our local MP, was an interesting experience to say the least but it was so beneficial to be able to talk to both her as well as economists and lawyers from the Bank of England too. If we have the chance to go again next year, I'll definitely be going!" - Niamh Roberts, Year 12
"The trip was such good value for money for all the things that we got to see and do together. I would have say that the highlight of the trip for me was listening to the debates in the Houses of Parliament, it was a great opportunity for us all." - Elise Rimmer, Year 12


On Monday 21st November at break time, the atrium in sixth form was full of pupils from both Year 12 and Year 13 eager to participate in our fundraising event for Children In Need: The Mannequin Challenge (a challenge where a group of people take positions as if it were an action shot but must remain still like a mannequin). Mr Harris came equipped with his camera in order to film our Mannequin Challenge and so, students took their place ready to keep still and represent the atmosphere of our very own atrium.

It's great to see that we are doing our bit for charity!


On Wednesday afternoon, the sixth form basketball team took part in the first game of the season away at West Lancashire College. A total of 35 to 30 points ensured that Ormskirk School brought back a win and with a display of astonishing determination (they were 7 points behind in the last quarter!), the lads continued our sporting success for the year so far.

All of the team contributed to the win: Matthew Aggrey scored the first points of the game and 6 points in total; Johnathan Westby also scored 6 points for the team; Sam Carr showed an terrific display of defence; Callum Hynd managed to score an excellent 10 points and Mark Crowley impressed them all adding an astonishing 11 points to the team's success. Charlie Clark, on his debut game, also added 2 points totalling the boy's game to an impressive 35 points to beat West Lancashire College. The team are hoping to play the college again on 7th December so stay tuned! Well done lads!

TEAM: Matthew Aggrey, Sam Carr, Charlie Clark, Mark Crowley, Callum Hynd, Johnathan Westby


We'll see you next half term for more updates on Ormskirk Sixth Form!

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