To kill a mocking bird by :Logan lawson

so during this time period that Harper Lee was alive was a lot different then today. They did not have the medicine we have now or the electronics. We have today. But it goes much farther then that. Live was a struggle for most of everyone at this time. For example during this time the Great Depression was going on during this time period. The great depression was hard it was a economic slump that effected everyone. Prices changed banks collapsed unemployment increased witch was hard for people.

Also during this time women dident have the freedom men did with was called Women Rights. Some examples of the women rights where. women where trying to have the same rights as men. Like being ale to vote and be able to have the same pay as men.

In addition during this time period they also were going thru the Civil rights movement. This was the thought of no slaves. For everyone to be worth the same and not have people treated differently then other. But to have everyone treated equally.

Lastly during this time period the racism was really bad. For example African Americans were not able to go to the same schools as white people this went as far as African Americans no being able to drink out of the same water fountain! They where not treated the same you dident have near as much freedom it was not fair during this time.


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