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This is my wax batik. At first I drew my flowers on paper. Then, with the rice paper I drew it through sharpie. I started painting the stem of the tulips with green and yellow water color. Then I started to paint the flower petals with pink and red water color. After that, I painted the background in a pattern. Finally, I crumbled my paper and put yellow water color all over it. Last, I ironed it. I really liked this project, it was very fun to do.
This is my coil basket. The traces of the coil baskets were found in Egyptian Pyramids. At first, it was hard to make. But, you start to get the hang of it was you keep on stitching. This project was fun and neat to learn about. This piece shows that you need to take your time and stitch very tightly, that way there is no holes and it doesn’t fall apart. I liked doing this project as our last because it was fun and easy to do.
This is my Mixed Media Living Object Collage. First, I drew the one that's on the bottom with colored pencils. I tied to draw what it looked like exactly on my project on the piece of papers. Next, the middle one. I drew the middle on chalk paper. The swirls is what the boot is made out of. It is red yarn. The top one, is drawn from oil pastel. I mixed light blue and green to get the look that was on the project. I added all of the colors lightly, one at a time. This project taught me how to use different art tools to get what I wanted.
First, I got each layer of papers. Then, I glued them all together to create a thick layer. Then, I put each layer together. I then created the shape I wanted to. I used a colored pattern to help create my 3D look. Last, I put glue over all of my papers, that way it stays together.
This is my JIm Dine project. Jim Dine is an American pop artist. The light source is coming from the right. As you can tell, it gets darker on the right side, because the light source is farther away. This piece shows the different movements and values. At first, I drew the outline of the hammer, then the inside lines. Next, I started shading the different parts of the hammer to show the different lighting. Last, I added some finishing touches.
This is my linoleum block. Where I carved shows the important pieces of the block. At first, I drew it on paper, then put it onto the block. Next, I started to carve different pieces out of the black. This block is showing a starfish laying in sand and water. Lastly, I painted the block then put it on paper, using pressure from my hands.
This is my wired bird. I chose a flamingo because I thought it would be very pretty and fun to work on. I started on it by making the feet of the bird with wire. Then, started to papier-mache the bird to get the 3D look. After that I started adding feathers to the bird, to make it look more realistic. Finally, I added the eyes and beak. I like how you can see the different layers of feathers so it gives it more texture.
This is my sketchbook. I like this piece because the sun is going down and it is reflecting off of the water. You can see the different values of the sun reflecting off of the water. The sun shows different values also, to make it look more realistic. On the front side, (side that says MAL) I added the poke-a-dots to have some color.
This is my Norman Rockwell. This piece is an abused dog behind a fence. The big idea of this piece is to show the sadness the dog is expressing. It also shows the different values, from the nose to the rest of the fur. This relates to actual events in real life, abusing animals. This is trying to show how hurt the dog has been and we need to stop it.
This is my hand project. I drew my hands based on my real hands, I added different values to show the darkness and lightness to make it look more realistic. The big idea behind my art work is to add every little detail to make my piece look more realistic. I made my knuckles darker than the rest of my hand to show the shadows. Based on where the light is coming from depends on the different values in my hand.
This is one of my favorite art pieces. I like this piece because it shows different details to make it look more interesting. There's movement with the different patters I used. I incorporated different types of lines, to show the differences. This piece is interesting because it's not plain, it has different details to make it look good.
This is my perspective room. I like this because it shows the whole room from one point to the end. You can tell that the things in the room get smaller to see because its vanishing point. I made pieces more 3D looking, like the couch. I made it look 3D so it can look more realistic.
This is my Terracotta Warrior. This is also one of my favorite pieces because it shows texture. It shows the differences between the curves. This represents how the soldiers looked in China. There was a whole army made for the tomb for the emperor. He wanted an army to protect his body.

This is my watercolor. This shows the different values and how they reflect off of the light. I used different colors to represent the colors of Christmas. The leaves show different movements of watercolor through out the painting. This pieces different watercolors and


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