Climate Change & Donald Trump Savanna Carestio

What is climate change?

Climate change is a long term adjustment in Earth's global weather. Global warming and melting ice caps are examples of climate change.

What does Trump say?

Donald Trump does not believe in climate change. He thinks it is a concept created by the Chinsese to intimidate America. The Paris Agreement, which main goal is to reverse the effects of global warming, is something Trump wants to disassemble. Trump implies that America shouldn't "waste" financial resources on climate change but on things he finds more important.

Tweet about what Donald Trump thinks about climate change.

When Donald Trump was asked about climate change, he strayed away from an answer and instead asked the audience a question. He tried to move away from the subject and leave the question unanswered.

What does Trump's cabinet nominee for the EPA have to say?

Scott Pruitt; Donald Trump's cabinet nominee for the EPA.

By watching the first 30 seconds of the video, one can realize that Trump's nominee has a different view than Trump. Pruitt does not believe that climate change is a hoax. He does not agree with Trump, but when asked if Trump was wrong, Pruitt did not answer and just repeated what he had already said.

Other Cabinet Nomiees on Climate Change

Interior Secretary nominee Ryan Zinke stated that, "We both agree that the climate's changing." This shows that he recognizing the impacts of climate change and that it is a real thing. Energy Secretary nominee Rick Perry said that, "some of it is naturally occurring, but some of it is also caused by man made activity". This nominee believes that climate change is a real thing caused by nature and man. Rex Tillerson, nominee for Secretary of State, said that, "the risk of climate change does exist, the increase in greenhouse gas in the atmosphere are having an effect". These three nomiees disagree with Trump's opinion that climate change is a hoax. They believe in it and state their opinions.

What do you think will be the impact of the new administration in the EPA?

  • In 2009, Pruitt was apart of a group that challenged to kill the EPA's declaration that climate change is a threat to the public.
  • Pruitt organized a lawsuit against the EPA for their Clean Power Plan.
  • An investigation in 2014 found that Pruitt worked with oil companies that were against the EPA.

From these facts, I can conclude that Scott Pruitt is not a smart choice for the EPA. He has openly disagreed and worked against the administration that he will now be in charge of. In my opinion, I think that Pruitt will impact the EPA negatively. Even though he may believe in climate change and helping the environment, he does not seem to support the EPA which will cause conflict within the administration.

What changes will happen?

  • Pruitt wants to roll back EPA rules such as the Clean Power Plan and Waters of the United States that were put in place by Obama.
  • Pruitt said, "make sure the EPA doesn't regulate carbon emissions outside of Congressional authority".
  • In previous interviews, Pruitt believes climate change to be a topic of debate. "Is it truly man-made and is this just simply another period of time where the Earth is cooling, increasing in heat? Is it just typical, natural type of occurrences as opposed what the administration says?"

From the information about Pruitt and want he wants to do, I think that the EPA will change dramatically. He has two different opinions on climate change: that it is real and that it is a debate. He provides both stances so that he can boost in approval ratings. Pruitt seemed to disapprove of how the previous EPA administration was working. Overall, I believe that not only the EPA but the overall government will change in the views of Trump and his nominees.



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