Daniel Ortega 1945-2017

Daniel Ortega

Daniel Ortega was the president of Nicaragua in 1984, 2007,2011 and 2016. Daniel Ortega was a Nicaraguan Guerrilla Leader in 1984-1990. He is an important person because he was president of Nicaragua four .times. Daniel Ortega was a very influential part of Nicaraguan politics because he was president of Nicaragua.

La Libertad, Nicaragua

Daniel Ortega was born and still lives in La Libertad, Nicaragua. La Libertad, Nicaragua is east of the Caribbean sea. La Libertad, Nicaragua is located in Central America to South of Honduras and North to Costa Rica.

Power and Authority is the theme that Daniel Ortega ties in with.

Daniel Ortega ties in with the eight themes by fitting into the power and authority category. He is in the power and authority category of the eight themes because he was president of Nicaragua three times. Daniel Ortega had a lot of power and authority when he was president because he had to make many decisions, he could make people do what he wanted and he could make new rules and laws for the people of Nicaragua to obey.

One of David Ortega's Quotes

If we do not cling to riches, selfishness or greed then I believe we are getting closer to God. - Daniel Ortega

This quote shows that Daniel Ortega believes in God and realizes that being rich does not help selfishness or greed. Daniel Ortega believes that if you run your country without selfishness and greed you and your country will become closer to God.

Daniel Ortega and Religious and Ethical Systems

Daniel Ortega also ties into the theme of Religious and Ethical systems because he lives in Nicaragua and most people of Nicaragua are Christian or Roman Catholic .

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