Human Trafficking SeXual eXploitation

Human Trafficking is the recruitment and transportation of people from one place to another, or one country to another, by using deception or force for the purpose of exploitation. Learn more at:
"Sexual Exploitation is the sexual abuse of children and youth through exchange of sex or sexual acts for drugs, food, shelter, protection, other basics of life, and/or money. Sexual Exploitation includes involving children and youth in creating pornography and sexually explicit websites." Learn more at:
Traffickers recruit their victims by offering them fake promises, such as a good job, educational opportunities or marriage. Children under 18 and adults can become victims. Source:


Trafficking Victims often get pressured by someone to do drugs Or Drink alcohol.

Traumatic events can have serious physical and emotional effects on a victim like depression or anxiety. Learn more at:
Some human rights that are violated when a person is trafficked are the right to life, liberty, and personal security, the freedom of discrimination, the freedom from slavery, the freedom from torture and degrading treatment, the right to equality, along with many more.

Dai Is a survivor of human trafficking whose name was changed for security purposes.

Dai is a survivor of sexual exploitation and human trafficking. Although she was raped as a child, Dai fell in love with a military man in 1995 who convince Dai to go live with him. There, Dai was raped and beat while handcuffed to a door. Dai eventually escaped, but with no papers to prove her identity, she could not acquire shelter. Dai would now go on from one homeless shelter to another. One day, Dai met a female pimp who told her she would work for a dating service.Dai was involved in trafficking for more than six months. Dai escaped from her master through a wealthy client who bought her for money. Dai later became a female pimp and started recruiting women like they did to her. As time passed, she started seeking refuge in churches for their assistance in her quest of freedom. Dai found an advocate through the Internet and she advised her to move to a different state, so Dai did. Dai said that she slowly began to heal, trust, and return to society.

Human Trafficking is occurring everywhere especially in the United States. The United States of America is principally a transit and destination country for trafficking in persons. The U.S department of state began monitoring trafficking in persons in 1994. The U.S has many anti-trafficking programs. The U.S government is committed to prosecuting traffickers and assisting peOple who have been identified as victims of trafficking.

The Catholic Church takes action in helping combat human trafficking by formulating plans and helping the victims of human trafficking. The Catholic Church also get involved in dialogue with government officials and others engaged in public policies affecting this issue. The Catholic Church devises strategies for public education, awareness-raising, and grass roots action. The Catholic Church does all these things and many more to raise awareness and eliminate human trafficking. Read more here:
Oakland, CA is a thriving underage sex market, and is the epicenter of a trafficking triangle between San Francisco & Contra Costa counties. 80% of reported human trafficking cases in California occurred in the Bay Area, Los Angeles and San Diego. These are three areas that experience the most human trafficking in the US.
Seven teenagers, some as young as 14 years old, were rescued from forced prostitution in the San Francisco Bay Area during Super Bowl week, authorities announced Tuesday.In all, 129 adults were picked up or cited for prostitution and 85 clients were arrested.

WAYS WE CAN HELP PEOPLE WHO ARE AND HAVE BEEN TRAFFICKED ARE: DONATING SUPPLIES like BLANKETS, HYGIENE Products, GROCERY GIFT CARDS, ETC. WE CAN ALSO HELP BY LOOKING FOR SIGNS that may indicate that a person is bring trafficked like tattoos with a peRson's name, they cannot speak for themselves or move freely and will usually be dressedin a unusual or Inappropriate manner. By CALLING THE national Human TraffiCknig Resource center at: 1 (888) 373-7888 we can repOrt any Suspicious behaVior and helo someone who is being trafficked.Lastly, we CAN Help victims of human trafficking BY PRAYING FOR THEM AND Getting Involved in ways We can help put a stop to human trafficking like raising awareness anD joining or creating an anti-traffickinG alliaNce. Together, we can put an end tO human trafficking!


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