Mylanta Ramadhan "Masakan Nenek" A treatment by Hafiz I.

First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the giving the opportunity to treat this spot. A sweet and clear spot, we certainly simple story here to evoke audiences to relate to the commercial. What I would like to create, in our case, would be a rewarding experience in this spot, which everyone follows this scenario of a filial daughter who attends a Bukber/Iftar session with the family only to be caught with a bout of heartburn. With the help of mum and Mylanta, that moment of agony is resolved as her pain is soothed. What is beautiful about this script is that it is a spot that can be relatable to the audience during the fasting period. What i’d like to create something that can visually speak to the audiences.

I will put in specific attention to the expressions to make sure that the moments of reactions are portrayed at the same time keeping it true to life and making it heart warming whilst adding flavour through the actions.

The Story

What I would like to add for this spot is a little opening of who our main person is. It would be great to juxtapose her in a few seconds as a bubbly, active person who is least like to be affected by heart burn and indigestion.

My thoughts are to show her in two shots as a person who has just finished work (could be at home or at work) and then we notice a shot of her getting her family ready for the bukber before they arrive at her family house.

As she arrives there, we notice that the immediate family is there and it is a family bukber session where everyone is welcoming and salams each other. As the azan is heard (either from the nearest mosque outside or via TV) the family is seen calling on each other to head to the dinner table to break fast.

But as they walk towards the table, suddenly something occurs. Everyone seems to be walking in normal speed except our main character that suddenly rams down into a high speed moment. This is when everyone around her starts to notice this. An indication of how this effect can be done is as below.

We then cut over to the other family members noticing this. She heads to the medicine cabinet, opens it and we notice a bottle/strip of Mylanta. She is given it and we then cut over to the product sequence as it explains how Mylanta works.

What I would like to do is to ram down to a slow motion shot as the spoon is about to be fed in with Mylanta. As this happens, we then get into the spoon and notice the running man appearing on the spoon before the background then changes into the product sequence background.

Shot will be this close before we go closer into the spoon.

As soon as we extract out of the product demo sequence, we will then head back to see a more relieved person who can now enjoy her moments with the family bukber session.

Below is my indication of the colour chart I intend to suggest for this spot.

Colour Tone Reference

Below are two previous spots done by me with sequences from live action that lead to a product sequence demonstration.

We then head back to the family as we notice our main talent now returning back into normal speed and back to a normal Bukber session as she now enjoys with her family.

It is my view that we should keep the spot contemporary. The environment of the house should be a modern open concept for us to keep all the family members in the shot and also to give some depth of field when we shoot the slow motion sequence. The talents should also be your charming day to day talents and be clothed as situational as possible.

In terms of the setting and ambience, it would be nice to keep the environment as real as possible and keeping to the tone of Ramadhan. Below is another indication of a Ramadhan mood and feel that I would like to have in the spot.

Thank you.

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