Matilda By:Jakaila Edwards

This is Matilda's teacher, Miss Honey.

Characters: The characters in this book are Matilda, Miss Honey, Miss Trumbull, Matilda's Mom, Matilda's Dad, Matilda's brother, and Matilda's friend Lavender.

This is Matilda's family.
This is Matilda when she was in kindergarten.
This is Lavender Matilda's friend.

Setting: The setting in this story is at school, at home, and at Miss Honey's house.

Problem: The problem in this story is that Matilda likes to read but her family likes TV.

Solution: The solution is that Matilda gets to read at school and the library.

Credits to: My LOVING, AWSOME teacher Mrs.Batista. Thanks! Becky, Reagan,Jennie, Albert, and who ever else presented (*sorry can't remember*) who gave me the guts to present.And Adobe Spark. Hope you LOVED it. "close enough" Hahaha (Albert Ly)


Created with images by Gilmanshin - "girl sitting young" • jerrykimbrell10 - "smiling teacher female" • White77 - "family holiday people" • Tammra McCauley - "Photo# 701 - Hannah" • { pranav } - "smiling little angel"

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