The Navigational Act of 1763!!

My act was the Navigational act of 1763. My cartoon represents this, by showing the colonist not being able to get the goods shipped in English ships because they had taxes on them, that they couldn't afford . I personally used the example of tea, because tea was one of the most popular things back then, and meant a lot to the colonist.

In the 1660s, the Bithish government passed the Navigational Acts, but the laws where hardly enforced for nearly 100 years.To help pay the war debt created by the French and Indian war, parliament. The British reinforced this old law.In 1642, the Long Parliament exempted New England exports and imports from all duties. The navigational act as some say, is the start of something new. The Navigational act is called the Navigational Act because taxed items would have to carry a stamp. King George III used an old law to make the colonist pay taxes on goods shipped in from English ships. Many of the colonist responded by smuggling goods.


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