The Biography of Henry Wriz BY: mADISON smITH

Henrich Hartman Wirz

Henrich Hartman Wriz a.k.a was born on November 25, 1823 in Zurich, Switzerland.
When Henry was younger, he wanted to be a doctor but however, his family could not afford it so he went to school at a Zurich firm. He lived in Zurich, Switzerland when he was a young adult, but he took out a loan that he could not afford to pay and was thrown in jail. They let him out on one condition, he would leave the country. Resulting in him packing his things and moving to the United States.
When Henry Wriz moved here he worked at a factory before moving to the south and becoming a doctors assistant and remarrying to Elizabeth Wolf in 1854.
Henry Wriz faced some challenges in his life, When he moved to the U.S. he could not take his wife or two children. Also, when he was here he worked many jobs before joining the 4th Louisiana Infantry.
Henry Wriz lived a normal life until joining the army. After two years he was chosen to direct Fort Sumter in Georgia, which became known as Andersville.
While he worked at Andersville prison, many men died from not enough food, sunburns, crowded spaces and diseases. Most of the time, 26,000 men would be put in a space meant for 10,000.
Henry Wriz was important to the Civil War, however not in a good way. His role in the Civil War was actually very tragic. When he was captain at Andersville he starved prisoners,
One thing i admire about Henry Wirz is, his ability to keep going in life. When most people hated him he kept doing his job no matter what.

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